CTS (Cognizant Technology Solutions)
CTS (Cognizant Technology Solutions)

Company: CTS


this is prem,
i hav been selected from the 1st batch of 13th jan recruitment at pune. i m sharing my exp. of the whole process there. three sections,,, english, quantative apti,, verbal n non verbal.,, each hav a seperate cut-off,,b careful,, only one section given to solve at a time.. nearly 600 appread for the written, 350 got selected for the technical interview.,our written result was declrd, with in 40 mins,,, interviews were held on 16th,,,some technical round questions are int:-how did u liked our campus
why r u opting for software field,,,,(actually i m b.tech. in m.e.)
why cognizant?
what r the fields in which cts works
what is iste(i am a member,writen in my resume)
diff. b/w diesel and petrol engine
familiy background the interview was cool and i was confident all through,,facving every question with a smile, 150 out of 350 made to the final hr round….some, then began the hr round Again the mixed content of questions,,from tech,, as well as from hr…
what u have to do is to just hold ur nerves,,,keep smiling n be confidant,,,just say i dont remember if u dont know,dont mislead him
finally,,,65 got selected thanka god,, m one of them,,,,
m going to pune for the refresher progg,, then the joining on 19th feb,,,
hope to meet u there

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