Company: CTS

Hi friends this is Gaurav Arora from New Delhi. I graduated from KITS Ramtek(Nagpur University). I gave Cognizant Test
on 16th December Pune in JD’s Academy. I struggled for 6 months and finally i got it.

They will have a written test and the pattern they generally take is given below:

Two passages(Attempt in the last)
Correction of Sentences(Do them as soon as possible)
Inferential Reasoning(Do them as soon as possible)
Dont do a mistake in attempting passages at first because they will eat your time. Please do the other part with accuracy

Analytical(Refer Verbal and NonVerbal Reasoning by R.S. Aggarwal)
Cubes(One definite one)
Binary no Question- The logic given in the question is confusing. The trick is to just convert the Decimal no to binary and represent into $ and *
Venn Diagrams(easy ones)
Data sufficeiency(Refer R.S Aggarwal Solved Questions)
Some profit-loss and Ration proportion(R.S aggarwal)
Try to do some Puzzles in R.S aggarwal as they will help you in cracking logic.

Attention to Detail(Figure Questions)
All figure related questions(easy ones)
Question like
ALL heros are this
All cats are mices(Solve the logic part in Section 2 of R.S Aggarwal)

Prepare these section because the key part to get through in CTS is time management in Aptitude Paper so prepare well.

My Results were declared on 19th December and i was in the list.

I had my Interview on 21st December 2006.
Following are the questions which were asked.
Technical(It was rather HR)
1. Tell me about yourself
Ans -(Include your achievements in college or school)
This will give a better impression of ur personality.
2. How good you are at C.
Ans -I said i am just a beginner and i have all the basic concepts which are required.
3. Tell me your Project.
Ans- This is the key part because they know how we engineers study in college so they expect atleast in this you are confident and technically sound.
4. Do you any problems in Relocating?
Ans -Say Yes without any thought.
5. It was nice meeting you.
Ans- Thank you sir.

HR(Bit of Technical )
1. Tell me about yourself
2. Project again.
3. Very differnt- What is a Plasma TV ?
4. What is LCD/
5. How AC works?
Thanking Statements -that was the end

I wish all of the guys and gals taking the test this year the best of luck and hope to see you at Cognizant(Pune).
Your Spirit will make you reach anywhere. I struggled for 6 months after college atlast i got it.

All the best