CTS (Cognizant Technology Solutions)
CTS (Cognizant Technology Solutions)

CTS Placement Paper

Company: CTS


There are 3 sections

I Section: 25 questions 30 min

Aptitude skills. there are some statements and based on these u have to answer 5-6 questions. There are 15 questions in
total of this type. Rest of questions are individual ones. Some are easy and some are tricky.

II Section: 25 questions 20 min

2 english passages each followed by 6-7 questions.

Chose correct sentence/incorrect sentence out of following type ques.

Time is a problem in doing these questions.

Don’t try to see all questions.

III Section:20 ques. 20 min :

Analytical ability

some boys are girls.

Some girls are birds like questions.

find these type of ques in R.S.Agarwal(verbal)

quest on non verbal type

Choose odd one out from following fig. type questions

What should be next fig. in the sequence.

Find these quest in R.S.Agarwal(non verbal)

Don’t try to go through every question. Cut off will not be very high.


Respected interviewer was very calm and gives a lot of time to you to express what’s good in u,

What r ur strengths, ur achievements,projects etc.

Breamin calm,composed.

And be honest about urself.

Don’t say anything about which u have little knowledge

Saurabh Garg

CTS Placement Paper

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