CTS (Cognizant Technology Solutions)
CTS (Cognizant Technology Solutions)

CTS Placement Paper

Company: CTS



1. a rail network consist of 68 routes touching station A, B, C. 5 routes touches each of the three station. 2 routes touches B, C; 3 route touches B, A. 4 Route touches A, C. The ratio of route touching the A:B:C are 11:15:8. Find out how many route touches A, B, C, only. Find out also how many route touches A, B, C station?

2. two consecutive sides of a cube were painted with dark colour, and the opposite faces were painted with white. Rest of them is painted with yellow. The cube is divided into 64 equal parts. How many of them are painted in (i) one side only (ii) two side only?
Similar cube problem from RS Agarwal.
Vein Diagram problem

Logical reasoning:

1. Blood relation problems; if A-B means A is daughter of B, A+B means A is son of B then find out ?.
2. Logical vein Diagram
3. Find out the odd figure
4. In a rectangular table, eight persons are sitting facing each other. Some of the conditions are given, like P is left to R, S is extreme left, T is right of V, U & V are just opposite, then find out?


Two comprehension?(These two passages were extremely tough, I could not solve any of them)

Find out the incorrect & correct sentence

Arrange according to sequential order

Regarding the aptitude test, RS Agrawal is enough? need not to solve previous questions because the patten has been changed, specially for the people from General Degree college of Kolkata?

After the aptitude test, there was personal interview. I have Physics as my subject, so they asked me from that. I cant say what were asked to the candidates of other department.

Personal Interview.

1.say about yourself
2.why did you choose Cognizant
3.What is your career goal in our company?
4.say about diode
5.What is the difference between Kwatt & K-Watt hour?
6.What is the definition of horsepower?
7.What is load?
8.What is machine?
9.say Newton?s 2nd Law
10.Simple numerical problems from Class XII book!
11.What is your advantage, key skill & weakness?
12.Why did you took Physics in Graduation & why you choosing to enter the It sector?
13.Do you think Physics will be any advantage for working with us?
14.What is learning?
15.Say one most embarrassing case You faced and how did you overcome it?
16.what activities did you took part as an organizer (I mentioned organizing capability is my key skills)
17.What is the headline of Today?s Newspaper?What is your opinion on reservation?
18.What is your opinion of hanging of Saddam?
19.Have you any question?

Sayan Ghosh

CTS Placement Paper

About CTS

Cognizant is an American multinational technology company that provides business consulting, information technology and outsourcing services. It is headquartered in Teaneck, New Jersey, United States. Cognizant is part of the NASDAQ-100 and trades under CTSH..Visit offical website of CTS for more details.

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