CTS (Cognizant Technology Solutions)
CTS (Cognizant Technology Solutions)

CTS Interview Question Paper

Company: CTS

Hi Friends,
Iam santhosh. Iam very glad to say that i was selected for CTS.I would like to share my experience with you.

My interview experience:
Me: Good afternoon mam Iam santhosh
Inte:Good afternoon Sitdown
Me: Thank you mam
Inte:Iam chandrika. Tell me abt ur self(as usual )?
Me: I said only those points which are not in my resume.(I not even said my percentages also)
Inte:I think you have done your project in your curiculum
Me: S mam.In 4-2 I have done my project work
Inte:So explain abt your project?
Me: I explained(She posed some simple questions on my project)
Inte: You have Microprocessors in your curiculum,in which year do you have?
Me: I think it was in 3-2(after giving a pause of 3-4 seconds ), s sure mam it was in 3-2(even though i know the answer i pretended to be recollecting the answer)
Inte:What is Microprocessor?
Me: Said the defination.
Inte:What is microcontroller?
Me: Said the defination.and said the difference between MP&MC also.
Inte:What is ur Fav subject?
Me: I said C
Inte:What is pointer?
Me: Said the defination.
Inte:what is Factorial?
Me: Said the defination.
Inte:What is 4 factorial?
Me: I said 4*3*2*1=24.
Inte:Can you write the logic for finding the factorial of a number?
Me: I wrote the logic using recursion.
Inte:What is Fibonacci series?
Me: said
Inte:tell me fibonacci series numbers?
Me: I said 1,1,2,3,5,8,…….
Inte:Is it correct?
Me: S mam sure
Inte:she said it starts with 0.
Me: S S mam.
Inte:write the logic for that one
Me: I wrote
Inte:Which loop can you use?
Me: I said either while or for or do-while
Inte:What is your second Fav subject?
Me: Digital design
Inte:Write truth table for Ex-or ,Nand,Nor,And gates?
Me: I wrote
Inte:Expression for Ex-or gate?
Me: Explained
Inte:Tell me the o/p for the ckt(Nand o/p,Nor o/p are connected to the i/p for And gate)(i/ps for Nand and Nor are:1,0)
Me: 0(explained)

This is all abt the Technical and Hr questions are:
Inte:What have you been doing for the past 4 months?
Me: I have joined in IEG(GPM)`s training
Inte:In what courses they are giving training?
Me: I said GD`s,Java,How to prepare for the companies.
Inte:So you know Java
Me: Only Corejava mam
Inte:You hav not written your resume
Me: Iam calm, Again I said I know only Corejava thats why i have not written
Inte:What is Class?
Me: (Actually i dont know) I said Binding of all the functions(i dont know it is correct or not)
Thank god she was not asked anything on Java
Inte:What are methods&functions?
Me: In java both are same mam
Inte:In C
Me: wait for a while and said same mam(i dont know same or not)
Inte:What are your Short term and Longterm goals
Me: Short– Passionate to get a job in your organisation.
Long–To be stabilised in your organisation.
Inte:So you want to be with this company througout your career.
Me: S mam
Inte:You hav written in the form that skills required for s/w Engineer are Analytical,Logical,Communication skills
So you hav all these am i write?
Me: S mam
Inte:How many marks have you got in your inter mathematics?
Me: 299/300
Inte:You lost only one mark
Me: S mam
Inte:o.k You can leave
Me: Thank you mam
This is all about my interview.I hope this will help you to preare for interview
i would like to say something to you.


CTS Interview Question Paper

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