CTS (Cognizant Technology Solutions)
CTS (Cognizant Technology Solutions)

Cts Placement Paper

Company: CTS

1. A and B are shooters and having their exam. A and B fall short of 10 and 2 shots respectively to the qualifying mark. If each of them fired atleast one shot and even by adding their total score together, they fall short of the qualifying mark, what is the qualifying mark?

2. A face of the clock is divided into three parts. First part hours total is equal to the sum of the second and third part. What is the total of hours in the bigger part?

3. A INK bug starts jumping 1 mtr to each direction north, south, east and west respectively. It marks a point in the new locations. It comes back to its original point after jumping in all directions. It again starts the same process from the newly drawn unique points. Totally how many points did the bug mark?

4. There is a six digit code. Its first two digits, multiplied by 3 gives all ones. And the next two digits multiplied by 6 gives all twos. Remaining two digits multiplied by 9 gives all threes. Then what is the code?

5. There are 4 balls and 4 boxes of colours yellow, pink, red and green. Red ball is in a box whose colour is same as that of the ball in a yellow box. Red box has green ball. In which box you find the yellow ball?
Ans: Pink

6. Quitub Meenar height is 230 mtrs. A person lays a boulder and stands on it. He then places a step by its side. Then he goes for another boulder on it and so on. One step height is 1 mtr. Boulder is one cubic mtr. Then how many steps are required to reach to the top?

7. A question on quadrilateral. Ans: 20cm sq.

8. A problem on Parallelogram.

9. There are four professors: American, English, Japanese and Indian. Each take only one subject and all their houses are in a straight line. Indian doesn’t teach maths. American teaches geography. English man is adjacent to Japanese who is in red house. Professor in green house teaches history. Indian lives in white house. Blue house has only one adjacent house which is green. (one more subject is phylosophy).

Two or Three questions on this, like what does the Indian teach, etc..

10. A similar question, 4 persons (Vijay, Vinay, Ajay and Nanda) in 4 professions: medical, engineering, architecture, and Accountancy. Each play one different instrument : Sitar, Tabla, Violin and Flute. There are some conditions and two questions on this. Its easy, just need to understand the problem.

11. Some children goto ice-cream shop. 9 flavours are available there. Each child takes a cone with two different flavours. No two children take same combination and they have taken all such possible combinations. How many children went to ice cream shop?

12. (1- 1/6) (1-1/7) …. (1- (1/(n+4))) (1-(1/(n+5))) = ?

Ans: 5/(something)

13. A man has to get air-mail. He starts to go to airport on his motor bike. Plane comes early and the mail is sent by a horse-cart. The man meets the cart in the middle after half an hour. He takes the mail and returns back, by doing so, he saves twenty minutes. How early did the plane arrive?

14. A,B,C,and D tells the following times by looking at their watches.
A tells it is 3 to 12.
B tells it is 3 past 12.
C tells it is 12:2.
D tells it is half a dozen too soon to 12.
No two watches show the same time. The differences between the watches is 2,3,4,5 respectively. Whose watch shows maximum time?

15. y
/ |
/ |
/ |
C /——-|D
/ /|
/ / |
/ / |

It is semicircle along X and Y with radius=17. What is length of BD?

16. Ten boxes are there. Each ball weighs 100 gms. One ball is weighing 90 gms.
i) If there are 3 balls (n=3) in each box, how many times will it
take to find 90 gms ball?
ii) Same question with n=10
iii) Same question with n=9

17. There are three different boxes A,B and C. Difference between weights of A and B is 3 kgs. And between B and C is 5 kgs. Then what is the maximum sum of the differences of all possible combinations when two boxes are taken each time.

18. I lost Rs.68 in two races. My second race loss is Rs.6 more than the first race. My friend lost Rs.4 more than me in the second race. What is the amount lost by my friend in the second race?
Ans: 37 (check it)

19. A problem on weather. I don’t remember exactly, but its something like this. We went to some place and it rained for 15 days. Clear mornings are followed by rainy afternoons. And all clear afternoons are preceeded by rainy mornings. It rained continuiosly for 10 mornings. It rained for 12 afternoons. And 13 days are without any rain. How many days we stayed in the new place?

20. Two tribes of Jadugars are there. One type is always right about predictions about themselves and others. Another type is always wrong in their predictions about themselves and others.

21. Two questions like:
if a jadugar tells ‘you are always right’ to a man, to which type the man and the jadugar belong to?

22. Ambanis took over some company. Later they came to know that the co. was actually in loss. They have learned that ________

four options like:
All that glitters is not gold (I think this option is correct)

23. One more question like the one above.

24. Two questions are given, and some common sense is needed there,
for example,
The government wants to woo the journalists before the general elections.

Cts Placement Paper

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