Dell Placement Papers

Company: Dell International Services India Private Limited

Dell Placement Question Papers
Paper: Dell Placement Question Papers

1. Personal Introduction and Topic round
2. Hr Round
3. Voice Asscent round
4. Operational Manager round.
5. Hr round (Reg sal and etc)
1. Personal Introduction and Topic round:
This is easy round and they ask u to say about urself and then ask to speak on topic for minimum of 1 min and topic which i have choosen is “Importance of Team Work”
2. Hr Round
a) Tell me about urself?
b) What do u know about Dell?
c) Why do u want to join Dell?
d) R u ready to sign a bound?
e) Tell ur strenghts and weakness?
f) what is meant by BPO?
3) Voice Asscent Round In the voice asscent round u need to speak on phone with the trainee of Dell. He will generally ask u to introduce urself and then ask u to speak about any topic and again he will give u one topic and u need to speak about it.At last he will ask Sentence completion like
a. if it rains —————————-
b. in summer ————————
c. if i cooks ————————-
d. if i don,t cook ———————-
e. i love —————————–
f. no one ————————
g. etc

Dell Placement Papers

About DELL

Dell is an American multinational computer technology company that develops, sells, repairs, and supports computers and related products and services, and is owned by its parent company of Dell Technologies…visit offical website of DELL for more details.

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