Company: DRDO

1. Ordinary mercury-in-glass thermometer (without any covering or air gap) is an
example of
(A) zero-order system (B) first-order system
(C) second-order system (D) third-order system

2. The symbol of the type __________ denotes
(A) Pneumatic line (B) Fluid pressure line
(C) Electrical line (D) Software link

3. The Laplace transform of sin (kt) is
(A) k /(s2 + k2) (B) s /(s2 + k2)
(C) k /(s2 – k2) (D) s /(s2 – k2)

4. A control system is unstable if the open loop frequency response exhibits an amplitude ratio exceeding unity at the cross-over frequency. This is
(A) Bode stability criteria (B) Routh stability criteria
(C) Nyquist criteria (D) Root-locus criteria

5. What will be the maximum value of K(such that a closed loop system having the following characteristic equation is stable ?
s3 + 6s2 + 11s + 6 (1+KC) = 0
(A) KC <>C <>C < (D) KC < 6. The transfer function of a proportional-integral-derivative (PID) controller is (A) = KC (1 + tD S + tD S) (B) = KC + tD + tD S (C) = KC (D) = 7. For the block diagram shown below what will be the overall transfer function for the change in set point (U = 0)? (A) = (B) = (C) = (D) = 8. The amplitude ratio (AR) for the sinusoidal response of a first-order system is always (A) <1>1 (C) 1 (D) 0

9. Solenoid valve works like
(A) Proportional controller (B) PD controller
(C) PID controller (D) On-off controller

10. The final product from a chemical plant is composed of two materials A and B with some of each being required. The total cost per unit of the finished product is
CT = Rupees/unit.
If the amount of A is fixed, the amount of B required for minimum total cost of product is
(A) (B) (C) A/36 (D) 720A

11. Which of the following is NOT a function of baffle in the shell-and-tube heat exchanger?
(A) Direct the flow across the tube bundle
(B} Support the tube from sagging
(C) Arrest the vibration of the tubes
(D) Decrease the turbulence of the fluid

12. Match the following:
(1) Microfiltration (P) Solution/diffusion
(2) Reverse Osmosis (Q) Size exclusion
(3) Distillation (R) Vapor/liquid equilibria
(4) Stripping (S) Absorption
(A) 1-P, 2-Q, 3-R. 4-S (B) 1-Q, 2-P, 3-R, 4-S
(C) 1-S, 2-R, 3-P, 4-Q (D) 1-R, 2-Q, 3-S, 4-P

13. What is the cross-flow area in the case of a shell-and-tube heat exchanger where inside diameter of the shell is 5 m, baffle spacing 0.5 m, clearance between the tubes 5 cm, outside diameter of the tube 10 cm and pitch of the tube 2 cm?
(A) 12.5 m2 (B) 6.25 m2 (C) 22.5 m2 (D) 10 m2

14. A chemical company has purchased leaf pressure filters with 100 ft2 for purifying an inorganic liquid stream at the cost of Rs. 15000. In a similar application the company will need 900 ft2 leaf pressure filter. The size exponent of this type of filter is 0.5. The purchased price of the 900 ft2 filter will be
(A) Rs.135000 (B) Rs. 67500 (C) Rs. 45000 (D) Rs. 90000

15. Which of the following results in book values greater than those obtained with the straight line method?
(A) Declining balance method (B) Sum-of-the years digit method
(C) Multiple straight line method (D) Sinking fund method

16. The Darcy’s law is used to calculate
(A) heat transfer coefficient
(B) friction factor in pipe flow
(C) permeability of porous medium
(D) vapor pressure in azeotropic mixtures

17. `Total capital investment’ for a chemical process plant comprises of the fixed capital investment and the
(A) working capital (B) indirect production costs
(C) direct production costs (D) overhead costs

18. Which of the following statements is INCORRECT for the manufacture of sulfuric acid by contact process?
(A) Yield is higher than the chamber process
(B) Catalyst used is vanadium pentoxide on a porous carrier
(C) Final scrubbing is done using concentrated sulfuric acid only
(D) Optimization of space velocity in catalyst chamber is a major engineering problem.

19. Match the following:
(1) Paper (P) Zeigler
(2) Soda ash (Q) Sachsse
(3) Polyethylene (R) Kraft
(4) Acetylene (S) Solvay
(A) 1-P, 2-R, 3-Q, 4-S (B) 1-P, 2-Q, 3-R, 4-S
(C) 1-S, 2-R, 3-Q, 4-P (D) 1-R, 2-S, 3-P, 4-Q

20. Match the following:
(1) Maleic anhydride (P) Ag0
(2) DDT (Q) NH3
(3) Ethylene oxide (R) V205
(4) Soda ash (S) Oleum
(A) 1-R, 2-S, 3-P, 4-Q (B) 1-S, 2-R, 3-Q, 4-P
(C) 1-R, 2-S, 3-Q, 4-P (D) 1-P, 2-Q, 3-R, 4-S

21. Match the following:
(1) Parathion (P) Lead oxide
(2) Margarine (Q) Pesticide
(3) Litharge (R) Enzyme
(4) Lipase (S) Fat
(A) 1-S, 2-P, 3-Q, 4-R (B) 1-S, 2-R, 3-Q, 4-P
(C) 1-Q, 2-S, 3-P, 4-R (D) 1-R, 2-S, 3-P, 4-Q

22. Cetane number of diesel is the measure of its
(A) smoke point (B) ignition delay
(C) viscosity (D) oxidation stability

23. Choose the CORRECT statement from the following:
(A) Aromatics have lowest octane number
(B) Paraffins are the hardest to crack
(C) Dearomatisation of kerosene increases its smoke point
(D) Aniline point is a property of LPG

24. Choose the INCORRECT statement from the following:
(A) SBR compared to natural rubber has poor tensile strength
(B) Silicone is an inorganic polymer
(C) Nylon-6 is a polyamide
(D) Neoprene is an elastomer

25. Match the following:
(1) Permanent hardness of water (P) Steam distillation
(2) Alkyl group of detergent (Q)Cation/anion exchanger
(3) Rancidity of oil (R) Hydrogenation
(4) Essential oil (S) Hydrophobic
(A) 1-Q, 2-S, 3-R, 4-P (B) 1-Q, 2-R, 3-S, 4-P
(C) 1-R, 2-P, 3-Q, 4-S (D) 1-S, 2-P, 3-R, 4-Q