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Test paper had 3 sections.Total 75 questions. followed by Technical interview..& HR interview..
1.Basics of Telecommunications-45 questions
2.Computer network/UNIX/tcp-ip-10 question
3.Aptitude-20 Question
Some of the question are-

1.The attenuation in wave guides near the cutoff frequency is-

a)Zero b)Very Low c)Medium High

2.The VHF band is-

a)30 hz-300hz b)300Hz-3Khz c)3Khz-30Khz d)30 Khz-300khz

3.Which type of fading cause serious distortion of modulated signal

a)selective fading b)interference fading c)absorption fading
d)polarization fading

4.As electromagnetic waves travel in space only one can happen

a).absorption b).attenuation c).rflection d).refraction

5.frequency of microwave is

a).15khz b).15mhz c).less than 2000 mhz d).more than 2000 mhz

6.ideal value of vswr

a).zero b).1 c).2 d).infinity

8.Balun is a transformer which changes
a). unbalanced to balanced line b). balanced to unbalanced line
c). zero to infinite impedance d). input like transformer

9.a PIN diode is

a). suitable for use as microwave switch b).used as microwave detector
c). semiconductor point contact diode d).microwave mixer diode

10.H plane tee is also

a).shunt t b). series t c). shunt series t d). none

11.D layer roughly extends from

a). 20 -50km b). 55-90 km c). upto 110 km d). up to 50 km

12.Anti side tone circuit in telephone is used to

a). amplify side tone b).suppress side tone
c). eliminate side tone d).attenuate side tone

13. when modulating freq. is doubled ,modulating index is halved and modulating voltage remains constant.system is

a). AM b). FM c). Pm d). any one

14. 10 bit A/D converters,the quantization error in %-

a). 1 b).2 c).0.1 d).0.2

15.What is memory word addressing capability of 8085 µp

a). 32k b).64k c).255k d).512 k

16.fading can be avoided by-
a).providing space diversity reception b).providing AVC in receiver
d).All are possible

17.companding is used

a).to protect small signal in PCM from quantization distortion
b). to overcome quantized noise in PCM
c). to overcome impulse noise
d). none of these

18.GSM channel bandwidth is

a ).200mhz b).200khz c).25 mhz. d.)25 khz

19. efficiency of antenna increases in

a).ohmic resistance of antenna b).radiation restince of antenna
c). input reacrance of antenna d). all d above

20.which of following is digital

a).pulse position modulation b). pulse code modulation
c). pulse width modulation d). pulse freq. modulation

21. highest voltage gain can be obtained from

a ).CC b).CE c).CB d).Both CE and CB

22.Transistors are generally free from which of following type of noise

a).Resistance noise b). shot noise c).flicker noise d). partition noise

23.Converter is a device used for transforming

a). AC to DC b). DC to Dc c).DC to AC d).AC to AC

24.for satellite communication the freq should be

a). less than fc b). equal to critical freq of ionosphere
c).more than critical freq of ionosphere d). none of these

25. tlephone traffic is measured in
a). in terms of gos b). erlang c). with echo cancellers d). none

Section -2 Computer network

1.virtual switching is form of

a). datagram switching
b).message switching
c). packet switching
d). circuit switching

2. X.25 provides data link control using one of the following bit oriented protocol

a). LAP
b). LAP B
c) LAP C
d). HDL C

3. a protocol concerned with file transfer,management, and access is

a). MHS

4.In OSI layer does FDDI protocol operate ?

a). physical
b). data link
c). physical and datalink
d). network

5. what r chips on which computer COM ports are based

a). USB chip
c). UNC
d), UDP

6. Which type of connector is used in LAN cable

a). RJ11
d).RJ 30

7. How two switch can be connected

a).Straight cable
b).unleashed twisted pair cable
c)P.twisted pair cable
d). cross cable

8. two addresses required for communication

a). IP & logical addrs.
b).IP & physical addrs.
c).IP & MAC
d). IP & communicating addrs

9.What is smtp?

a).protocol on LAN
b).protocol for email over internet
c).protocol for retrieving email fom server on lan
d). software allows user view HTML documents

10.Primary rate interface of isdn used in india correspond to

a) 2B+D16 structure at 192 Usps
b).23B+D64 structure at 1.544Mbps
c). 30B+2D64 structure at 2.048Mbps
d).23B+D64 structure at 1.544Mbps
e).2B+D16 structure at 144Usps