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In an ideal gas compared to a real gas at very high pressure occupies?
Kinetic theory of gases assumes that collisions between the molecules are?
The condition of perfect vacuum that is at absolute zero pressure can be attained at?
Specific heat of air?
Which law states that internal energy is function of Temperature?
Minimum work done for an adiabatic process the value of n?
Air Refrigerator works on?
1 watt = 1Nm/S
1 h.p = ?kw
When crude oil heated Which Hydro carbon comes first?
What is the purpose of Supercharger?
1Kg of carbon to CO, Amount oxygen required?
Horse power per tones of refrigeration?
Scale formation on the surface of the boiler tubes due to ?
Axial shift in steam turbine occurs due to?
Latent heat of vapourization at low pressure and temperature?
Shaft revolving in a bearing which pair?
Difference between dedendum and addendum?
The fatique life of a part can be improved by ?
Rotational tendency of force?
Acetylene dissolved in ?
The frequency of transverse vibration is 3hz then critical speed?
More viscous lub oil?
Example for Non destructive test?
Advantage of V belt?
In gear boxes Which type of key is used
A structural member subjected to an axial compressive force is called?
Pig iron is produced in which furnace?
Heat generation of arc welding is due to ?
In what angle does an object thrown height will travel the longest distance?
Angle of contact between the journal and bearing?
The coupling is required to connect two parallel shaft distance between the shaft is small and variable?
Carbon is added to steel to increase its hardness-True/False
Wings of airplane are made by—
To protect from thrust which type of follower is used?
With increase in temperature— Viscosity of liquid—
Heavy machine beds are made of CI for——-
For shock resistance and vibrations we use —-
Rupture strength==== ?
Washer is used for——-
Surface endurance limit depends on (toughness/surface tension/yield strength/surface finish)
In a uniformly distributed load of 6n/m over a 5 meter length simply supported beam, the value of B.M at the point where shear force is zero (17.5/22.5/55/75)
Cam size depends on (base circle/pitch circle/prime circle/none)
Poisons ratio is higher in (rubber/steel/wood)
In drill tool carbon % is (<0.4 %, 0.8% -1.6%, 1-2.5%) finishing operation in lathe is done at(low speed/high speed) degree of freedom in super structure (1/positive/negative/zero) axial compressors follow the process in ideal conditions (adiabatic/isotropic/isothermal) forced draft has negative pressure drop(true or false) advantage of v-belt? The key used in the gears for transmitting power(flat/saddle/spline/square) dye penetration test is (pouring/surface tension/capillary/none) poisson ratio? endurance limit is depend upon?1.toughness 2.elasticity 3.britleness? in which furnace ,pig iron is made? corrosion resistant material? centipoise is unit of ? broaching is made to produce? steady rest is used for? drill angle? In parson’s turbine ,relation between angles? v-belt angle? Refrigerant used in refrigerator? Composition of babbit metal? Cantilever beam failure of surface finish is represented by? At what angle in the valve timing, Diesel engine injection occurs? Name any one non destructive test? Clutch is located between? What is the Melting pt of iron? Name any one Gear material? Drill material composition? Which mechanism is used to hold the gear ? Reynolds number range for laminar flow ?? Nusselt (for natural) number is function of which number? Angle of contact between journal and bearing? What is the function of cutting fluid? Dual cycle combination of which two cycles? In screw jack ——–which thread is used?? ACME thread angle? Frequency of a system is 3 Hz then find the speed in rpm? For which gear shafts are co-axial? say true/false: in simple gear train every shaft is attached with one simple gear only Radiation heat transfer is varied with T to the power of 4. GD topics: Democracy is the only way to sustain economy growth Should Indian youth involving Politics Foreign investment should allow directly to India Foods come first ethics come later TV channels can be regional , International

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