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Hexaware Technologies

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Hi friends,

I had appeared for Hexaware Technologies Test through G4careermapping in august 2006.
Paper pattern was completely different than the previous year
It consisted of
1)simple Quantitative questions

some of them were
1. Average of the numbers is 80 and sum of the numbers is 160.How many numbers are there in all.(numericals may differ).
2. 6 pounds of water with 4% salt is heated so that 1%water gets evapourated.what % of salt is left(ans:4%)
3. three coordinates of a triangle are given.we had to find the perimeter of the triangle.
solution:first using distance formula we will have to find the sides of the triangle and then for perimeter sum of the sides is the answer
4. etc

2)Technical questions
Here care has to be taken about the basics in
1. AOA
2. Datasructures
3. O.S
4. Time complexities
5. etc

3)critical reasoning

4)Paragraph questionsand finally G.D

Here combination of Aptitude test and G.D is taken
G.D topics we had was all general
They herein look our communication skills and how we react to others opinion including other factors
Some topics were
1.Does Mumbai colleges have good Infrastructure and faculty
2.Reality shows(sa re ga ma and etc)should be encouraged or not.
3.Geography is flat
4.HBO channel

selection is done on the basis of combination of Aptitude and G.D
after selection Hexaware Technologies takes charge of the interviews

3rd round
Technical interview
All basic stuff of your field
I was from computers ,The questions were

1.what are pointers
2.what are stacks and queues
3.what are linked lists
4.what are arrays,how to retrive an array
5.what are strings
6.A simple programme to find whether the no is even or odd
7.Others had all DBMS questions
8.Difference between RDBMS and ORDBMS
9.Some others had project related questions

4th round
HR interview
1.whether opting for further studies
2.if yes which field
3.what’s your ambition


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