Company: Flextronics Software Systems

I gave written test of Flextronics . I want to help You, as I have not remembered the
Questions I am just giving the pattern .

There are total Seven sets of papers . The exam duration is 1hr 40 mts.

Set 1 – Verbal Ability [15Q – 15mts]
Set 2 – Analytical Ability [15Q – 20mts]
Set 3 – Mental Ability [10Q – 10mts]
Set 4 – Technical [20Q – 20 mts] (Data Structures, Operating System)
Set 5 – paper of C/C++ [20Q – 20 mts] (Our choice , U will have only 1 paper.)
Set 6 – Reading Ability. [10Q – 15mts] (They will give a passage u have to read in 10 mts.
and they will take back passage. now they will give Question paper and u have to answer in 5 mts.)
Set 7 – Written Skills [5mts](We have to write a mail in the given context.)

All The Best for all the job searching people.

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