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Hi Friends.
I have written Flextronics(off campus-freshers) exam on 30-07-06.
The paper was easy and as usual it contains 7 sections.
1.verbal section: Simple Questions like fill the blank with right prepositions,synonims(endeavour,innovative;i managed to remember only these two) and also contains comprehension passage with five questions.

2.quantative aptitude:
a)in a class of 100 students 60 speak english,40 speak french n 20 speak many of them doesnot speak bot;
the question is not exact but the wordings are similar.they asked three such type questions;
b)questions on 1)only 1st statement is required to solve given equation
2)only 2nd is required
3)both r required
they gave one equqtion followed by two statements.we have to choose one option.totally 3 questions were asked
c)two cubes of similar type were cut into125 smaller cubes and the cubes at the end centers were removed.And now with the remaining they formed into cuboid which is painted black.
they asked 5 questions based on above like no of cubes have 1 face(2,3,more than 3) painted black etc.

3)Mental ablity round:It is quite easy and contained 10 similar questions.
if * stands for +,/ stands for -,+ stands for / and – stands for *.

4)Data Structures And Operating Systems(20 questions)

if u r thorough with ur subject then u can clear it essily.
they gave code and asked to find the output.question on deleation of queue,insertion of node etc.
questions on graphs
question on post order traversal
which is used to delete the memor allocated by calloc?
what is the runtime of insertion sort inthe best case?
only 4 questions on os.problem on calculation of interrupt latency.calculation of total menory(they gave no of sectors,no of cylinders ,etc that make a disk).
which is not a feature of unix os?

I opted for c.its very easy.if u r thorough with Let Us C n Exploring C then u feel very easy.same questions appeared
int a=138,b=138,c;
func(int p,int q)
int r;

struct node{
int a;
struct node *p
struct node *p1;
i cant remember all questions
6)they gave passage to read .thy took of he paper and gave questions on passage.Very easy.
7)e_mail writing
follow gramatical rules of letter writing

Thats all
“All The Best” for Flextronics Aspirants

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