Company: Flextronics Software Systems

Flextronics Software Systems at NITDurgapur (25/07/2005)
Eligibility-ECE,CSE,IT (65% TCPA)
Appeared for interview-41
Final Selection-14(9-ECE,2-CSE,1-MCA,2-M-Tech)

The written paper comprised 7 sections. There were 90 questions and total duration was 1hr 50min,each section had a different time limit. The question paper was taken away at the end of the allotted time for each section There was no negative marks
1.Verbal( English)
3.Mental Ability. (
4.Data Structures and OS(20 questions,20 mins)
5.C or C++ (20 questions,20 mins)
6.Comprehension( 15minute reading time +10minutes,10 questions)
7.E-mail writing (5 minutes)

Verbal section consisted of simple prepositions, and putting the correct form of the verb, nothing complicated. There weren?t any analogy type questions or any vocabulary as such.

Aptitude was mainly of questions such as
If in a group of 100 people ,60 drink tea and 50 drink coffee, how many drink both tea and coffee
There were similar problems which u could solve easily using venn-diagrams
In the mental ability section there were a series of 12 digit numbers or 12 letter words were given and one had to identify the similar numbers or words, you only need to concentrate hard for this section.
There were questions such as
2+3*4/5-9,if ?+? is replaced by ?*?,?/? by ?-?,?.. what would be the value

Data Structures.
A sorting program was given you had to identify the type of sort-Insertion
Bubble sort program was given with the inner loop missing, you had to identify the error
Question on tree traversal ( inorder,preorder)
Some lines of codes were given you had to identify the algo
OS questions I didn?t have a clue
Don?t be confused by the lengths of the codes

There was a choice between C and C++.
What is used to free the memory allocated by calloc()
A, free()
b. freecalloc()
c. realloc()

void main()
int i=-3,j=2,k=-1,m;
What will be the output ?

Some questions on pointers


There was a long passage on GSM technology
There were 10 questions

E mail writing (5 minutes)
You had planned to meet an old friend with whom you were not in touch for some years, in your hometown, that friend would be leaving for the US. Your boss asks you to make a presentation to a new client, write to your friend apologizing for your inability to meet him

Interview Questions (Technical)
They started off by asking about the project or VT I had done
As I had done a two weeks course on Telecommunication Technology at NSCBTTC (Kalyani)
They asked about ISDN, types and differences. What did the B channel and D channel carry, what was the purpose of the two channels..
What signaling was used in telecommunication, between exchanges? CCS-7
What CCS-7 stood for? Common channel signaling
What exactly happened when a subscriber called another located in a different exchange area, routing procedure
Differences between 8085 and 8086 microprocessor? Why 8086 was faster?
Why DMA controller is used?
What are the different I/O techniques used in microprocessors?
They asked me to design an 8 bit SISO (s=serial) register and a SIPO (p=parallel)register?
What is recursion? Write a program to recursively add the first 5 natural nos
Why is the OSI reference model divided into layers?
Explain logical address(MAC), IP address , and port address, where are they used?
Difference between connection-oriented and connection less protocols with examples?
IP(network layer) being connectionless, how does it communicate with TCP(transport layer)?

HR Interview
Here they mainly asked me for an introduction, and what I had written in my CV. About my hobbies. Whether I had any location constraints. What I usually did in my spare time. Why Flextronics? What would I do if not chosen?

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