Flipkart Recruitment procedure-off campus recruitment conducted recruiters

First section was PPT-15 minutes talk about company and other details

Second section was written Test-In written test 60 minutes time in 20 questions

Questions only technical one or two aptitude questions

Some questions I remembered are mentioned below

In that question papers we have some information’s about the questions, time etc..,

The test has programming analytical and basic quality related questions

We can choose either Jaava, C,C++ or PHP for coding

Questions are

Write a code to generate the Fibonacci series is found In the fibonacci series the next number is found by adding the two

number before it. Write test cases to test yo code 0,1,1,2,5,7,12,19…

Write an algorithm top fond the GCD for two given numbers The GCD for two numbers is the Greatest common divisor. Example :Input 24,36
GCD =12
Example :: Input 2336,1314 GCD=146

Find a number such that it is three times the sum of its digit

After clearing written Test 2 Technical Interview and HR Interview

Technical interview mainly Technical questions coding programming etc

HR Interview was quite easy

Questions about your self

projects and other


About the company etc..,