Company: Futures First

Details of types of questions asked in each of the sections in Aptitude Test:
1st written exam –
5 min. 30 questions.
Based on calculations. eg. – 33*42/14 + 332/6

2nd written exam –
30 min. 30 questions. D.I and Maths C.A.T type questions.

You have to point out any field in which you have interest and complement your claim by showing that you have done some kind of training or certification related to it. then they will grill you on it.
I chose finance and more specifically financial markets.

The questions asked were:
1. The previous days BSE and NSE index
2. What is the true purpose of a stock market?
3. What are the products traded in NSE?
4. What is inflation? What are the ways to fight against inflation?
5. Explain derivatives
6. When would a person holding long in futures make profit?
7. Explain interest rate derivatives
8. What is the underlying instrument of Indian interest rate derivative products?
9. How are interest rates and bond prices related?
10. Prices of which commodities in the globe would rise in the coming few months?
11. Reasons for the last financial crisis.
12. Any prior investment experience.

In this round the interviewer will pick out the not so good points of your resume and keep on asking you questions pertaining to it. Here he just wants to see if you can handle stress and yet think fast, your risk taking appetite, dedication and motivation for working in this field. Unlike other HR interviews here one has to give importance to this round too.

Both the aptitude tests were of good standard. Both the interviews were 30 min to 40 min. long. Every sentence you say will be scrutinized, also every claim in your resume will be looked into.