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Future Software Placement Paper

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i had taken up test at futuresoft in last month.

They will be giving you question that u have read in four years of computer science or IT degree..other branch students must prepare CS/IT syllabus no other way to cler the test.In my batch none of the other branch students cleared the test..so take care.

also read the GATE Preparation material by Handa-Halda author. Some
questions may come exactly same…but check the answers since some
answers may be wrong even in the material. this works because by preparing GAte material u go thru all the subjects in CS ..so it will be useful..

I think u must score atleast overal of 10 right answers to clear the test. I got 13 right. 7 unanswered and others wrong. I cleared the test. Then we had G.D. I cleared GD also then
I had personal interview but after that none of my batch students got selected for next technical interview, including me.

I dont think future soft has some number of requirements in mind. they just call everybody and take them only if they are exceptionally good. since three months i dont know even a single person who had taken up the test.

Even my friend who was selected for final interview after som series of interview from a group 75 people didnt get the job offer
Dont take this as negative..if u are the right canditate u will get the job.

Future Software Placement Paper

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