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FutureSoft Placement paper

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Future Soft Placement paper:

1.Some palindrome question.the answer was (c)

2.Capacity of line…ans was 900

3. Number of null pointers in any binary tree = n+1

4. print (Head(T))


print (Head(T))

Traverse(right(T)) –

Ans : none of the above

5. Boolean expn Evaluate

6. Common subexpn : –
ans : a + e

7. LRU : 1, 2, 3.

8. Tr. Delay – 10000 bits
ans. 10.01

9. Grammar of Number of shift / reduce operator :
ans. 4

10. CPU scheduling 9,8 ?

11. S –> AB|AS

A –> a|aA

B –> b

What is the grammar accepted by the above?
Ans. aa*b

13. allocation
ans: (ii) only

14. swapping :
ans: reference only

15. Compiler – related Qn.

16. LAN frames – ? related Qn.

17. parameter passing (35,20)

18. sliding window protocol


19. kernel mode – deallocate resource

20. logic circuit
ans . Minimum OR = 3

20. Combinatorics related

21. priority scheduling

22. cobegin

begin x = y; x= x+1; y= x

begin x =y; z= z+1; y= z

ans. Number of values possi = 2

23. 2 bits flip / 2 bits exchange
ans : the word with one ‘1′

24. any addr

K^+ v(a) + 2I – 2a

25. S –> AB|AS

A –> a|aA

B –> b

What is the grammar accepted by the above?
Ans. aa*b

How many address lines are needed to address a 64Kb segment with each register storing up to 512 bytes.
Ans. 14 address lines

Form the POS form of the expression given below _ _ _

X.Y.Z + X.Y.Z + X.( Y + Z )

22.In a computer system the ROM :
(a) contains boot software
(b) is permanent
(c) Both of the above
(d) None of the above

int array[4][4] = {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16};

for (i=2;i<0;i–) for (j=2;j<=0;j–) printf(”%d”, arr[i][j]); 24. Find the output for the following C program #include

void main()

{int i,x,sum=0;

int arr[6]=[1,2,3,4,5,6]

for (i=0;i<4;i++) sum+ = func(arr[i]); printf(”%d”, sum); } func(int x) { int val,x; val = 2; return(x+ val++); }

25. Given a string STOCK and a stack of size 4. Which of the following strings cannot be generated using this stack.
(e) None of these

26. What range of integral values can be stored using 32 bits?

17. If a layer 4 transfers data at the rate of 3000 bytes/sec. What will be the size of data block transferred by Layer 2

22. If there are n nodes and K edges in a graph then what is the order of traversing
Ans. O(n²)

23. A graph is represented as an adjacency list with n vertices and e edges 29. e=<e+e> | <e*e> | <(e)> | </e*e></e+e What forms do the expressions created by the above definition fit in
Ans. All arithmetic expressions

32. The s/n id 3 dB Find the capacity of the line.

FutureSoft Placement paper

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FUTURE Software specialise in the development of technical software solutions for the Digital Arts. For over 30 years we have produced many internal and external products and worked on numerous development and bespoke solutions in the Digital Arts arena. Our experience extends to Cloud, IoT, Server, Desktop, Tablet and Mobile for Digital Signage, Digital Out Of Home, Broadcast, Staff TV, Retail, Interactive, Experiential, Enterprise Social Networks or simply putting an image onto a display. On offer we have a range of engagement scenarios from consultancy, through to product and development life cycle and into engineering and support.visit offical Website of Futrure Software for more details

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