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Written Test: The written test is purely technical and mostly covers mainly computer engineering related subjects.The paper is multiple choice with negative marking. It consists of some 25 questions to be done in 1 hour.The questions are based on subjects such as Data Structures
, Networking, Digital Circuits and Logic Design , C, Operating Systems, Automata Theory, Basic Communications, Compiler Design, Micro processor.Remeber u will be having the negative marking…. AND DO CHK ALL THE PAPERS GIVEN BELOW THEY LOOK SAME BUT THERE ARE SOME DIFF QUESTIONS AVAILABLE IN EACH OF THEM FROM OTHERS LIKE IN 24 APRIL PAPER QUESTIONS FOR OUTPUT.

1.Access time of a drum of 4000rpm?

2.Allocation units for Automatic,Global and Static variables.
a) Stack, Heap, Heap
b) Heap, Stack, Heap
c)Stack, Heap, Stack

3.Where are the automatic variables stored and when it is removed?

4.FUNC(x,y) John Jacob
John->main function
a) No of times the FUNC is called
b) Place where the FUNC is called
c) Type of return value
d) Type of actual parameters
e) Type of formal parameters

6. Hardware is used in memory management for reallocation ??
ans c)To reduce execution time.

7.Question using macros something like this logic:
int a[10]={60,57,10,5,4,3,2,8,9};

main( )
int varx,vary;
for (i=0;i<10;i++) { if(varx { vary=varx; varx=a[1]; } else if (vary { varx=vary; vary=a[i]; } printf(?%d%d?,varx,vary); } 8. print(int (*) ( )); int a=40; void main( ) { print(fn( )); print(fn( )); } print(int (*fn)( )) { printf(?%d?,fn( )); printf(?%d?,fn( )); } int fn( ) { /*static int i=15*/ return (i-=5); } q-I 9.What is the output of above program when the comment is present. II. What is the output of above program when the comment is absent. 10.where the following variable allocates automatic static global Ans:stack,heap,heap

Futuresoft Placement Paper

About Futuresoft

The rapidly evolving threat around the COVID-19, has enormously affected our business and our eco-system community in India, which has posed a serious risk to health of employees and significant loss of revenue, adversely impacting our economy and financial strata. Having known this, FSPL is taking measured approaches to safeguard their employees and mitigate financial and operational exposure. Though there is a threat of business closure, however FSPL has never closed and has instead become more vigilant, adaptable and available online amongst team members, customers, partners and our community. We are more responsive, available for open discussions, forums through online webinars, video conferencing calls and email access because we had invested in right technology, infrastructure to support remote work and virtual collaboration capabilities.

FSPL has continued to communicate with customers through multiple channels, reinforce that customer interests are a priority and provide information to alleviate their concerns. Effective communications during such crisis are crucial to maintaining customer trust, restoring employee morale and confidence, and retaining market stability, which has been our focus area always. FSPL is socially active across all platforms to stay in-tuned with latest happenings related to Covid19 and its business effects, educating internally and public audience to know Do’s and Don’ts during this pandemic, FSPL providing scalable services and offerings to their customers on working from anywhere at any time, internal team activities to work and stay united , motivated maintaining social distancing factor and much more. Our mantra has always been to stay invested with our Employees & clients and contribute to their success.visit offical website of FUTURESOFT for more details.

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