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Genpact interview questions technical Genpact interview questions placement papers

H.R. round:
Q-introduce urself.
Q. tell about ur native place.
Q. hobbies
Q. why wanna join company?
Q. what do u know about company?
Q. where do u see urself after 5 yrs?
Q. what salary r u expecting?
Q. why should i hire u?
Q. do u have any qn. 2 ask?
Q. what will u do if we dont select u?
Q. why do u want 2 switch into IT sector?
Q. rate interviewer on the scale of 10.
Q. how r u feeling in kerala?
Q. how is kochi?
Q. r u comfortable with relocation?
Q. one situation test qn. was asked.


I was asked many qns. from s-1 to was of around 45 mints.

Q. explain working of npn transistor.
Q. what is multivibrator?
Q. diff. between flip-flop & latch.
Q. de-morgan’s law.
Q. sorting algorithms and efficiency.
Q. 8085 program(sorting)
Q. many qns from dbms – normalisation and all forms,foreign key,ref. integrity,func. dependency, data mining,data warehouses,deadlocks ,SQL query etc.
Q. some OS concepts.
Q. diff. bet C & C++.
Q.OOP concepts-abstraction,polymorphism,inheritence etc.
Q. basic C concepts.
Q. diff bet 8085 & 8086.

Genpact Placement Paper

About Genpact

Genpact is an American professional services firm legally domiciled in Bermuda with its headquarters in New York City, New York.visit offical website of GENPACT for more details.

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