Company: Goldman Sachs

Aptitude Test : 75 Minutes
Quantitative : 45 Minutes
Technical : 25 Minutes

Details of types of questions asked in each of the sections:
Standard math and technical questions found on any aptitude. Two algorithms. Towers of Hanoi and reversing words of a sentence(not letters). An essay on how I could contribute to GS.


Name of the Topic/Task :
Select a captain from resumes

Details of the process and your contribution:
Just make sure you participate.
Grab every opportunity to talk, listen and offer constructive feedback. Dont be rude or overly aggresive.

First round the basics from all subjects like OS,DBMS,OOPs,DS were asked. I was made to illustrate everything with real life examples. I was also asked questions on why I chose DS? How am I better than the other applicants?

Second round was more technical. I was asked about singleton classes, abstract classes, run-time polymorphism.
I was also asked to create a DS similar to strings/vectors that could store different data types.

Standard questions like:
why GS,
why not MS
what can I give GS
what do I expect from GS.

I was asked a lot of question on teamwork also. I was given a situation where all my team mates hated me and I was asked to react.