Company: Google

Hello Everyone,

Google has conducted recruitment process in our collage.The criteria was first 30% topper

in the class.So around 40 student has attended the test & only 4 could clear the test.

Test consist of 15 question based on c,c++,and data structure.and two c programs.

So i am listing some of the question as i remembered.

Q1)What is the value of i after execution of the following program.
void main()


long l=1024;

int i=1;


{ l=l/2;




a)8 b)11 c)10 d)100 ans:b

Q2) This question is based on the complexity …

Q3) s->AB



Which one is false for above grammer..

Q3) Some Tree were given & the question is to fine preorder traversal.

Q4) One c++ program,to find output of the program..

Q5) If the mean faliure hour is 10,000 and 20 is the mean repair hour.If the printer is used by

100 customer,then find the availability.

1)80% 2)90% 3)98% 4)99.8% 5)100%

Q6)One question on probability…

Q7)In a singly linked list if there is a pointer S on the first element and pointer L is on the last element.Then which operation will take more time based on the lenght of the list.
1)Adding element at the first.
2)adding element at the end of the list.
3)To exchange the fisrt 2 element.
4)Deleting the element from the end of the list.
ans:2 check it!

3 more question to fine the output of the program.

and rest of the question was based on data structure,

some condition where given and we have to conlude either y or n

The second section was coding…

1)Write a fucntion to multiply 2 N*N matrix

Write test cases for ur code.

2)S contains the set of positive integer.Find the largest number c such that c=a+b where a,b,c are distict number of the set.

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