HAL Placement Paper

Company: Hindustan Aeronautics Limited


Sample Placement Paper

For The Executive Trainee 2003 (Technical)

Sample Questions for the Executive Trainees (Technical )

Aeronautical Engineering
1. Air Fuel ratio in a jet engine will be of the order of:
(a) 10:1
(b) 15:1
(c) 20:1
(d) 60:1

2. Fighter bombers use following type of engine:
(a) Turbo-jet
(b) Turbo-propeller
(c) Rocket
(d) Ram-jet

Mechanical Engineering
1. Least shrinkage allowance is provided in the case of following:
(a) Brass
(b) Aluminum
(c) Cast Iron
(d) Steel

2. If V is the volume of metal in a casting and A its surface area, the time of solidification will be proportional to:
(a) V, 1/A
(b) V,1/A2
(c ) V2 ,1/A
(d) V2, 1/A2

3. Fire tube boilers are limited to a maximum design working pressure of :
(a) 1 kg/cm2
(b) 6 kg/cm2
(C) 17 kg/cm2
(d ) 100 kg/cm2

1. A dislocation represented by T is called:
(a) Positive edge dislocation
(b) Negative edge dislocation
(c) Positive screw dislocation
(d) Negative screw dislocation

2. The recrystallisation temperature of a cold worked material decreases with:

(a) Increase in the degree of deformation
(b) Increase in the initial grain size
(c) Increase in the temperature of cold working
(d) The presence of impurity

Electrical Engineering
1. In a thyrister full converter feeding a continuous load current, what is the duration each thyrister conducts in a cycle?

(a) 60 0
(b) 90 0
(c) 120 0
(d) 180 0

2. In a three-phase induction motor, the rotor field runs at the following speed with Respect to the stator structure:
(a) At synchronous speed in the direction of stator field
(b) At a slip speed in the direction of stator speed
(c) At synchronous speed in a direction opposite to that of stator field
(d) At zero speed

1. In the hybrid parameter model of a transistor reverse transfer voltage ratio and forward transfer current ratio are respectively given by:
(a) h11 and h21
(b) h12 and h11
(c) h21 and h11
(d) None of these

2. A Signal x(t) has the Fourier transform
X(ω) = { 1 for | ω | < }W . Its first zero-crossing in time domain occurs at: otherwise
(a) 1/pW
(b) W
( c) p/ W
(d) None of these

Computer Science
1. Magnetic tapes are suitable to applications:
(a) When only a few records are to be accessed
(b) When most of the records are to be accessed
(c) Only when all the records are to be processed
(d) None of the above

2. A system in which 2 or more cpu’s are interconnected and share a common Main memory is called:
(a) Pipeline machine
(b) Multifunctional system
(c) Multiprocess
(d) None of these

HAL Placement Paper

About HAL

Vigilance Department in HAL was set up in 1969 pursuant of formation of Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) (www.cvc.nic.in) based on the model recommended by CBI.

During the year 1998, the Vigilance set up was separated from the security Department and established based on the recommendations of Department of Public Enterprises, with a view to make the Department more effective, credible and prompt.

HAL Vigilance Department has adequate strength of officer and workmen. Vigilance Officers and workmen are positioned in all the Divisions of HAL spread throughout the country who report to the CVO stationed at the Corporate Office of HAL in Bangalore.

The Vigilance department plays a vital role in ensuring that the Rules and laid down Procedures of the Govt and Company are adhered to in all circumstances and the discretionary powers vested with the individuals are exercised judiciously so that there is transparency in all official dealings. Vigilance Department pioneers the Anti-Corruption work of the Company.

The Vigilance Department primarily focuses on Preventive and Punitive role. Another role is detective / surveillance. Preventive Vigilance is a pro-active approach, which looks at creating awareness and education on anti-corruption measure, simplification of rules and procedures, plugging loopholes in the system. Punitive vigilance deals with disciplinary action against the employees who have engaged in corrupt activities.

The major work profile of the Department comprises investigation of complaints, preventive vigilance like surprise inspections, regular scrutiny of procurement and contracts files and carrying out CTE type inspections, etc.Visit offical website of HAL for more details.

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