Company: HCL Technologies

Hi Friends, I’m Vijayakumar from VelTech HighTech Engg. college, Avadi, Chennai. HCL tech visited our college on 10th dec,2010.Actually they conduct interview in two days.

Rounds were:
1.Written Test.
3. HR
From our campus totally 750 students attend the written test.

HCL interface has totally 4 sessions in Written test:
1. Verbal.
2. Quantitative.
3. Technical
4. Logical

Total time for written test is 2 hours 10 minutes. In HCL interface, we doesn’t go back to previous question. no negative marks.

1. x=(1+2)^(1/2)
therefore x^2 +y^2=?

2. log5(0.008)= n log5(2^-3) therefore n=?

3. 2A=3B
4B=5C. then A : C=?

4. a=16, b=25 therefore 1/(a^1/2-a^-1/2)=?

5. 2^x+y=2*(2)^1/2
Therefore value of x and y=?

6. ———-(-) 5a^2-3ab+7b^2=a^2+ab+b^2.

7. In a rectangle ABCD, an equivalent triangle PQR is placed in-between that rectangle. Therefore what is the probability of one point that should be placed within triangle?

8. In a word ASPIRATION, what is the probability for selecting one letter as vowel?

9. log 7(85)=x (some problem lik this). based on log many problems they ask.. so friends well prepare LOG chapter in R.S AGARWAL.

10. (a+b)(a^2-ab+b^2)-(a-b)(a^2+ab+b^2) simplify.

11. An unbiased dice is thrown two times. Then what is the probability for getting sum of values of two dices is less than 4?

12. In 1990,population of one city is 3,63,000. It was 10% increased at every decade. Therefore what is the population of that city in 1960.?

13. one more problem in probability. A dice is thrown twice then what is the probability for getting the sum of two dice is exactly 6.?

14. logz(0)=?

Friends, Technical Round is fully based on C programming language and data structures. so be confident in this subjects.

1. one program is given as maximum of three numbers and find the missing condition in if () statement..?
Answer: (value2>temp)

2. Another program given about sum of cube form numbers..

3. one problem is in stack

4. program given to print the statement like
0 3
0 3 6
0 3 6 9.

Program given, we have to choose the correct the output. Most of the question like tree and its level& no. of nodes.., complexity of searching techniques etc.

1. A man is facing the EAST direction. He walk 3km from starting point and take left and walk another 3km. After, he took left and walk 1km and again takes right and walk 3km. Then how far he is from starting point…?

2. Arrange the events according to correct order:
– Consultant
– Illness
– Doctor
– Recovery
– Treatment

3. some question like……… statements given, we have to select the correct statement needed to derive the answer.. paragraph given about the family members and their relationship and asked 4 questions from that.

4. arrange the following..
– Paint
– Computer
– Print
– File
– Programs

5. AZP : ZAR
Therefore TXK=? Ans: XTM

Totally 750 students attended the written test on 10/12/10.out of this 340 were announced to eligible for technical and HR rounds. my name also one of this. I attend the Technical and HR (both in single panel) on 11/12/10.
Technical and HR:

Nearly 12.05 attended the HR and Technical round:
My HR was very cool person…
Me: May I come in sir..
HR: yes..
Me: very good afternoon sir..
HR: hmmm.. please take your seat..
Me: Thank you sir..
HR: (usual question) tell about yourself..
Me: told
HR: tell something something about your family..
Me : told (actually I talk somewhat mildly)
HR: are feeling nervous..?
Me.: yes sir slightly.. but now ok sir..
HR: (he start to ask technical question)
What is data structure..?
Me: told
HR: what is database and data mining?
Me: explained
HR: what is the difference between the SQL and ORACLE.?
Me: explained well( he impressed)
HR: do u know the symbol of latest Rupees in India?
Me: at beginning I told that . I don’t know sir…sorry. but after he start the next ques I interrupt and asked “shall I draw it sir?”
HR: of course.. sure..
Me: I drew it (nearly its right..)
HR: good.. again he asked about my family…
This time I explained well..
HR: tell something about your brother..?
Me: somewhat told..
HR: ok Vijayakumar.. that it.. do you have any question with me..
Me: no sir..
HR: I think u well know about bond and other conditions..
Me: yes sir..
HR: ok u can go now…
Me: Thank you sir (somewhat boldly)

After did my HR I waited more than 7 hours for results.. nearly 8p.m results were announced. Really it was very thrilling moment. they announced the candidate names in alphabetical order. so I thought my name may be at last. Finally my name also announced. I was very much surprised. God’s grace I was selected. Out of 340 ,totally 257 were selected.

Friends I hope this paper surely helpful to you. All The Best!

Exam/Interview Date: 10-Dec-2010
No of Rounds: Written Test, Technical, HR
Location: Chennai
Contributor Name : Vijaya Kumar