Company: HCL Technologies

Company Name : Hcl technologies
Type : Fresher
Job Interview, Question Paper

Every winner is a winner because he has dared to fail” After not able to clear the written of Infosys and failure at interview of Patni computers I was bit shattered, but failures increased my strength and helped me a lot in going ahead. So being positive and hopeful are the essential thing to overcome from failures and move ahead in life.

Number of Round:
Online test (2hrs and 10 min)
Quantitative aptitude
Interview (HR interview)
HCL Tech.Came on 16th jan, before its arrival it was informed that there would be an online test later followed by an interview. I must tell that test was not so tough, u can do the aptitude if u have been through R.S agarwal quant and reasoning. Verbal was kind of easy,simple preposition filling and vocab with reading comprehensions. Then one important section was that of technical it consisted of basic “c” and data structure with bit oops concept. Overall questions in test were simple just time management is required because you can not go on next question unless u don’t attempt current one. Past papers of HCL and c aptitude questions helped me a lot in preparation. finally 59 people were selected for the interview and i was among them. As it was my second written qualification so i was bit nervous about interview but remained positive whole day.
Interview: Mine was panel 7, so my turn came at around 3pm. My interviewer was a middle aged man who seemed serious to me. I settled on the seat after politely asking him, it was my first interview when my introduction was not asked. He took my resume and asked me what is the role you expect in software industry I politely answered him by saying that it is not only coding that is desired by software industry and gave some facts from SPM and software engineer some question on my hobbies.
I answered him fluently and he asked me to recite my poem as i mentioned writing poem as a hobbie, i recited few lines in hindi and explained the topic
Then he asked why you choose Computer science.
In answering this question i made clear that i am from IT and how it is different from CS and why i have chosen this. I was precise and confident
Next question was on Recent failure.
I told him the total incident of Patni interview, so he cross questioned in mid and i was spontaneous, in mean while he asked me “FIBONACCI ” series
Then he asked me my goal in life.
I enquired whether its career goal then he said no just final goal and i mentioned my plan of opening school emphasized on computer education
He asked questions by giving situation that “what would you do to make people understand you”.
I said him that to convince is very much important in propagating and executing your idea and gave some examples of Technical committee and told my procedure of convincing my idea Mine was more Hr interview but it was too long around 30-40 min. At last when i was given chance to ask him a question then i asked the career growth aspect of employee in HCL, then i came to know that person was from Symbiosis pune and 9 years experienced in HCL. he shared his experiences of HCL. Finally my interview was over. And i gave my best interview of life till now. Result was announced at around 5 pm and after 18 names my name came and i thanked god that i made it to HCL finally and made my name in 21 students selected for it. So my final words are that be positive and confident, if it will be your day then you gonna make it!
Exam/Interview Date : 16-Jan-2011
No of Rounds : Aptitude Test, HR Interviews.
Contributor Name : Smriti