Company: HCL Technologies

Company Name : HCL
Type : Fresher, Job Interview
First round is Written Exam consisting 4 categories namely Aptitude, Reasoning, English and Technical (C, Java,C++ are all basics). There is NO Negative Mark, Time is allotted for each section in 4 sections, You must manage your time in written exam. One question is displayed in screen, You must answer it, If not next question will not displays.
Next who passed written according to there cut-off, They directly go to the HR-Round.
Questions are like:
1.) Tell about yourself
2.) Why should I want to give this job to you.
3.) Are you ready go any place to work.
4.) Are you ready to sign bond.
And in this way simple questions are asked by HR, He/She will very friendly with us. If you are confident enough in-front of HR, You will automatically selected. This is my personal experience.

Exam/Interview Date : 03-Dec-2010

No of Rounds : Aptitude Test
Contributor Name: Vinay Kumar