Company: HCL Technologies

hi frnds..its really lucky to get thorough consists of 3 rounds.aptitude,technical, and hr.
in aptitude all puzzles cam..pls follow shakuntala devi pattern..some english passage,logical reasoning like A,B,C,D,E,F,
BICYCLE,MOTORCYCLE,TRUCK, have to find who does which n resides in which city..all types from
in apti the cut off is very tick all the answers..they ll tell u negetiv marking..but i think actually they dun do mark as
many ans possible. 35 apti in 1 20 technical questions were given in 15 mins time.
remember ee,ece, has a diff cut off than cse,it cse,it guys pls score more than 12 out of 20. about 90 cleared in
aptitude out of 130. then i was taken to technical round. me: good afternoon sir
sir: yes pls sit.can i have ur cv?
the person was a young chap,i was in panel B.panel A was easy..mostly hr questions and a few technical ..but my panel was damn
technical all through.
me: o hh sure.
sir: so,shreya u took part in quest?when?u went to doordarshan?
me: y es was a quiz contest..and our team was when i was in class 11.
sir: do u know c?c++?
me: yes sir.
sir: tellme sumthing bout functions to pointers.
me :sir what u want me to xplain?
sir: dynamic memory allocation.
me :xpalined well.
sir: whats the difference between calloc and malloc?
me: xplained.
sir: xplain doubly linked list.
me:draw the diagram and then xpalined well.
sir: what is its difference with single linked list?
me :again draw picture and xplained with code.
sir: tell the algorithm of binary search.
me: gave it.
sir :if i give u a few elements can u insert them in a binary tree?
me: yes sir.
sir: he gave me..
me: done a mistake
sir: what algorithm u told ur binary search tree is not matching with it..then he told me the mistake
me: yes sir..but my algorithm was right..during insertion i got confused with b tree. do u know whats normalization?
me: yes sir..xplained very good..all the reasons y we use it.
sir: ok.give me examples with 1NF,2NF,3NF,BCNF.
me: draw a table and xplained it is done..and converted it to BCNF.
sir: whats thread.what is its difference with process?
me: gave well..this time i was puzzled..started swaeting cz he dint give me time even to think and he was switching topics..
sir: o k have u heard the name of mutual excluson?
me: sir..previous ques..answered well.
sir: whats kernel?
me: again told..
sir: ok my next q..that means mutual exclusion.
me:gave it.
sir: okk..u know c++ naa?
me: y es sir..a bit.
sir: whats oops concepts?
me: i explained all startingwith abstraction,data hiding,encapuslation,overloading,class,objects,overridding,polymorphism and all.
sir: okk thank u..u pls wait in a couple of minutes..u ll be called 4 hr.
i thought i got cleared the technical round.
hr: well ur family background.
me: told.
hr: t hree puzzles one after another.
me: solved..
hr: okk good..what u think u scored in apti?
me: i thought well
hr: no u hv just crossed the cut off.
hr: how was ur technical?
me: well was easy 4 me,i knew hcl is doing with all i prepared it well.
hr: okk what was ur joint rank?
me: told.
hr: u went 4 NIITat naa?what was ur rank?
me: rank was good..
hr: do u have any relocation problem?
me :no mam..not at all.
hr: okk..shreya so whta are the fields that Hcl serves?
me :i got it from their managed..
hr: y dint u get in cts?
me: dat was my bad luck..but no harm to i got the golden chance to b in hcl rounds.
hr: well go through our website once.
me: thank u mam..good evening.bye. i did leave then.smartly..dun lose ur eye contact..b smart..but do ur technical roung very they are selecting very crudely..splyy from my panel..only a few good were selected.