Company: HCL Technologies

Hi Guys !!!!
This is Sourish from MCKV Institute of Engineering , I am going to share my experience about the HCL Technologies
Campusing procedure which took place in our college on 1st March 2007 . It was an ON Campus . It took 2 days for the whole
process to end First Round – Aptitude -> 35 Apti questions + 20 Technical questions It started at around 12:30 pm The
Aptitude part was quite tough as most of the problems were in the form of puzzles [PLEASE NOTE: There are negative marks
as well , sometimes they dont apply the negative marking if the performance on the whole is not so good ] , so answer your
questions accordingly . Make sure that you tick only those on which u r confident. The English questions were quite easy .There
were some small passages and u have to answer some questions from those passages Arranging the sentences in perfect order
were also there in the paper , [They gave 60 mins for aptitude section and took the papers , After 5 mins they gave us
the Technical paper which was to be solved by 15 mins] The technical part was a bit easy and I managed to answer 16 out of 20
correctly [Tips : Try to go through the whole test paper first and find which questions can you solve confidently , because
sometimes most of the easy are placed at the last , or in the middle , so dont get panic if the first question is too difficult] About
130 students gave the aptitude paper and 91 were selected for the next round and I was one of them Second Round ->
Technical Interview It started at around 3:45 pm The selected candidates were divided into two panels , Panel A and Panel B .
My name was the third in Panel B So as soon as I cleared the Aptitude round my name was called within 30 minutes , I was
called at 4:15 pm I went inside the interview hall Me : Good evening

Sir , may I have the seat ?
Sir : Sit down Sourish . May I have your CV ?
Me : Sure Sir [ and I handed over my CV to him] [At that moment he took out a form and asked me to fill it]
Sir : Sourish please introduce yourself
Me : [I started introducing myself and chatted a lot on my extra curricular activities , I also chatted about cricket for a while as I
had written that playing cricket was my hobby]
Sir : Why u chose IT as your career line
Me : Blah Blah
Then he asked me many Technical Questions which are as follows
1: What is class ?
2: What r objects? Explain its uses
3: What is polymorphism ? What is Inheritance ? Give a real life example of both
4: What is Abstraction ?
5: What is function overriding ?
6: What is LAN , WAN , SAN with examples
7: Write an SQL query using Select statement
8: Explain Join command I answered them Sir : Thank you Sourish [with a smile]
Me: Thank you Sir It was a 30 minutes interview I was satisfied by my interview and was hoping to get selected for HR round
And yes , my name was 1st in the HR list and so I was called within 15 minutes for the HR Interview Third & Final Round->
HR Interview I was called at 5:05 pm There was a mam taking the interview and I entered the room Me : Good evening Mam
Mam : Good Evening Sourish
Me : May I have the seat Mam
Mam : Yaa sure The HR questions were as follows
1: Family background
2: Why MCKV ? [ MCKV -> my college]
3: What do u think about the aptitude paper?
Me : It was a mixed bag for me and as most of them were puzzles it was very time consuming and luckily I got through it
4: Do you have any plans for Higher studies?
Me : Right now I want to concentrate on my B Tech , after that when I will feel that I am well established with some work
experience then I will opt for an MBA degree 5: Do you have any problems in Relocation(postings in different places)?
Me : No Mam , I dont have any problem , I can reside in any place in India
6: What if I send u abroad ?
Me : Still I dont have any problem 7: What r your weakness ?
Me : I am afraid of spiders Mam [ suddenly a funny environment was created] [Tip : Try to make the conversation as much lively
as possible and whatever you speak always speak it loud and clear] 8: When you heard that HCL is comming in your collg ?
9: What have you prepared for HCL interview
Me : C , JAVA , Data structures mam
10: If you were given a project in HCL , can you do it ?
Me : Yes mam , I can and I will do it
Mam: Ok Thank you Sourish
Me : Thank you Mam
It took 15 minutes and I was fully satisfied by my HR interview But now the real test had begun for me , I had to wait for a full
one day to know the results The next day at around 8:45 pm the whole process ended Out of 91 students 59 cleared the
Technical round and out of 59 students 35 students were finally selected and by GOD’s grace I was among those 35 students ,
after one sleepless night and the tensed next day I got a sigh of relief by hearing my name as soon as it was announced Now I am
a part of HCL Technologies , And I am proud to be called as an HCLite !!!!
Believe in yourself and believe in GOD and success will come in your way BEST OF LUCK