Company: HCL Technologies

Company Name : HCL
Type : Fresher, Job Interview
Exam/Interview Date : 10-Aug-2010
Location: Hyderabad
No of Rounds : Group Discussion – GD
Contributor Name : Madhuri
This is Madhuri from GIET rajahmundry, information technology. Recently i have attended the hcl throgh aspiring minds. In 2010, HCL didnt have any campus drives, it has centralised all the requirement and will b conducted in state capitals like hyd and Chennai and Bangolore.
First we have to register to aspiring minds online, then they wil send us admit card for written test with venue details.
This written test contains:

1. Verbal – its very simple just articles like that
2. Aptitude – they wont give ant time and distance and time and work probs, its also very easy will hav some problems on avgs, ratios,numbers, logs….
3. Technical paragraphs – inthis they will give u a long paragaraph on any technical subject followed by questons…
And i didn’t remember the remaining sections… one more thing al the qsns are multiple choices. Guys keep in mind that b fast and correct, all the sections are easy. i don’t know the cutoff and all those things, but they mailed me after nearly one month and sent me a interview call letter also.
Next round is GD The topic may be any technical topic or any general matter. No need to worry, but one thing u need to b loud in English. Maintain ur voice pitch and b clear with what u r talking, and listen to others also..
In our batch they selected 3 out of 10, in some batches they selected 10 out of 10 also..They announced the result in 10 mins and then the final HR round….The guys who got selected for HR are almost got selected…My HR qsns are:

Tell me about ur self?

Family back ground?

Interests or hobbies? ( make sure those should be strange and realistic)
He gave me a situation and asked me how u will react?
My situation is, u r a software developer and working for a project as trainee.. u have done everything and worked very hardly for that project. but your team leader told to manager that everything was his own talent and work. in this situation what will u do? (Don’t go with any complaints that will show a -ve mark)

Finally he said okay Madhuri you can leave now and will mail u in 1 week. But i got the mail from HCL with in 2 days and my good luck I got selected..:)