Company: HCL Technologies

Hello friends,
I am sending some questions of the HCL written paper.i hope they will be useful for you.

the written test was of 75 mins.
1. technical 20 questions
2. aptitude 35 questions

topics of written :-
c, c++, networking, java, osi model, microprocessor.

technical questions:
(order may vary)

int x=8;
output ?
ans: compiler error

2) a subclass can access which methods of a superclass
a) public, protected, private
b) public only
c) public and protected
d) public and private

3) function interface checking is a part of:
a) unit testing
b) integration
c) blackbox
d) all
ans: integration

4) tcp is used in which osi layer?

5) what does const*string means

6) a question on static

7) to find 2’s compliment of a number

8) a binary tree has 1000 nodes,find its depth?

9) scsi stands for
ans: small computer system interface (check )

10) an approach to prevent mutually exclusive deadlock?
a) spool everything
b) request all resources initially
c) resources away
d) order resources numerically
ans: b

11) language extention is a part of which field
ans compiler

12) back patching is part of which phase of compiler
ans: parser

13) compression & decompression is performed by which osi layer
ans: presentation layer

14) a node is said to be pendant if
ans: indegree=0 and outdegree=0

15) radix 13 of (1AC)

16) what is dangler pointer?

17) time complexity of radix sort

18) which is best sorting technique for 12 23 45 57 68 72
ans: insertion sort(it already a sorted,insertion sort is the best in this case)

19) float(int) how many bites it will take

20) size of long int key?
aptitude questions:

1) a question on nails
ans: 124

2) how many odd number with different digits between 3000-5000
ans: 504

3) a question on tennis
and: d

4) a triangle question
ans: 36 degrees

5) a question like if 1 jan 2000 was a sunday,in which year we will get the next sunday?

all the best

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