HCL Technologies Placement Paper

Company: HCL Technologies

I am Eswar from AVVP, Coimbatore.

some qstns wat i remembered …

1. (125)^(2x-3)=(25)^3^-1^2^3^4….^8 then value of x=? ans..(-5/2)

2. there r 4 friends, one of them is abhi. abhi told to one friend, i have more than 1 rupee than U. one friend told to another i have more than 2 rupee than U, one friend told to another i have more than 3 rupees than U and so on up to 6 rupees these statements r drawn from among 4 friends with one another and so on.now total amount with 4 friends is 27 rupees only what r money with 4 friends? ans: 4,5,8,10

3. if f(x+1)=f(x)+10 then (f(7)-f(3))/((f(6)-f(2))=? ans:(-1)

U have to be thorough with verbal& nonverbal and CAT material also will help. no english and technical bits only apti. 35 questions 60 mitutes. Interview was dead easy. from my college out of 250 students, 112 r selected for interview and finally 95 r selected . thank god i am also one among them.

for me apti marks only 13 i think cut off not more than 9 or 10. be care ful negative marking (1/4) was there.

HCL Technologies Placement Paper

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