Company: HCL Technologies

Hi Friends,
I am Asha From Mepco Schlenk Engineering College, Sivakasi. I am an ECE Student. I attended the HCL Campus Recruitment in Anna University, Guindy And I Got Placed in HCL Technologies.

The Recruitment consists of 3 Rounds.

1. Written Test (90 minutes)
2. Technical Interview.
3. HR Interview.

Written Test:

The Written Test was Slighty Tough for me. The test has negative marking. So please attend very carefully. It has four sections. All are Only Objective Type Questions.

1.Technical ( 15Questions – 15 Marks )
It consisted of mostly Microprocessor. So Be well prepared in Microprocessor. (Both 8085 & 8086).

2. Basic Computer Fundamentals. ( 20 Questions ? 20 Marks )
It consisted of Basic C programs. We have to write the Output. It also has some basic questions in C.

3.Analyzing C Program Segment. ( 10 Questions ? 20 Marks )
It consisted of 10 C Programs.(Each carrying 2 marks). We have to write the Output. This session is tough for me. It consisted of mostly Pointers, Macros, Structures, Functions and Arrays.

4.General Aptitude.( 20 Questions ? 20 Marks )
It consisted of Partnership, Time & Distance, Data Interpretation and other General Aptitudes.

Technical Round:

The Technical round consisted of questions in C,C++,JAVA,DBMS,Data Structures, OS, Networking,etc. Since I am an ECE student, I had questions in Digital,C,Data Structures and Networking. My Interview lasted for 25 minutes. My Questions are:

1. What are Universal Gates and Their Functions?
2. Write a C Program to reverse a String using Pointers.(Without using strrev).
3. Write a Program to insert a node in a Doubly Linked List.
4. Write a C Program to find whether a number is Prime or not.
5. Networking OSI – Seven Layers. Function Of Each and Also Examples for each layer.
6. What is IP address?
7. Binary Tree and Binary Search.
8. Explain TCP

HR Round:

In the HR Round, The Questions asked are:

1. Tell me about Yourself.
2. Why HCL?
3. Tell me about HCL.
4. Strengths and Weakness,etc.

The Round Was Very Easy. The HR Round Lasted for 30 minutes. At Last, They selected me and Gave me the Offer Letter.

Friends.. Be Cool and Confident. All the Very Best.

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