Company: HCL Technologies

Dear Friends,

There are 3 sections
1) Writtern test.
2) Technical
3) HR.

Off Campus Recruitment:
1)Writtern test-pattern:
Time-90 mins
Total questions-65
Question paper No-HCL 06-03
There are 4 sections:
1. General Computer Awardness-15 Q
2. C Language Fundamentals- 20 Q
3. Analyzing Program Segement-10 Q
4. General Aptitude-20 Q

Section-1: (-0.25 ?ve)
1. 8086-5Q
2. Networking (Tcp/Ip,PSTN, UDP etc)-5 Q
3. Data Strctures (Tree,node etc)-5 Q

Section-2: (-0.25 ?ve)
1. Pointer
2. Strctures
3. Files
4. String
5. Array
6. Storage Class

Mostly program Based Q.

Section-3: (-1 ?ve)
1. C Language program
2. C++ program

Mostly C program Based Q.

Section-4(-0. 25 ?ve)
1. Logical reasoning-5Q
2. Data interpretations- 10Q
3. Program Logical based-2Q
4. Logical & General-3Q

* The Answer sheet is coding sheet(Name,Dept, College,Question paper No
& mention percentage only).

2) Technical interview:
I am ECE, My field of interest ?digital ecectronics & C language. But
Q from
1. Digital & Design
2. C language
3. Microprocessor
4. Electronic Circuits
5. Communication system
6. Circuit Theory

* My interview more than 40 mins & above 70Qs.
* Ans Bold & be cool.
* In my panel only two technical persions.
* Finally technnical persons says “u r seleted for HR”
* After 5 mins i.e)Before going HR interview,Hr persons says-not

1. Tell me about yrself?
2. What is yr area of interest?
3. What is ur hobbies?
4. What are the website u have to visit?
5. How tofind job oriented website?
6. What r the browse used?
7. Ur father’s working..

C language:
1. Are u marking clanguage urself range from 1 to 10.
2. Tell me about something c lanuage?
3. What are the setps used in C complier?
4. What is compilers?
5. What is use of complier?
6. Why we r going to compiler?
7. How to create Execution fils?
8. U wirte c program coding, but how to computer untersand it?
9. What r the storage class there?
10. Tell me one by one?
11. Write a simple program using extern?
12. Write a siple program using static?
13. In any program more than one static storage used value assign same
variable? It is possible?
14. Define files?
15. Define MACRO fun?
16. Write a program find 3 biggest numbers?
17. Explain that program?
18. What is contol statement?
19. U known data strctures?

1. What r the MP studied?
2. How many general perpose registers used in 85?
3. Tell me 6 registers?
4. Draw the arichetecture of 8085?
5. What is use of ALU?

1. What is K-map?
2. What is use of k-map?
3. Any other technics used simplify Gate eqn?
4. Why we r going to digital?
5. What is operatoins of digital?
6. What are the universal Gates?Tell me?
7. Can u Implement XOR Gates using NAND Gates? Explain?
8. What is FF?
9. What is use of counter?
10. Can u design MOD 3 counter?
11. Why we need clock in digital circuit?
12. What is perpose of Register?
13. What is sequential cricuit?
14. Explain feedback?
15. What is momery unit?
16. What is JK FF?
17. What is present state?
18. What is race arround condition?How to avoid this?

Electronics & communications:
1. What is amplifier?
2. Where we used this?
3. What is term decibles?
4. What is Gain?
5. The amplifier output added any noise?
6. What are characterstics of good amplifier?
7. How to rectify noise?
8. What is ocillator?
9. Where we used this?
10. What is modulations?
11. What r the modulation technics?
12. What is PM? Explian?
13. PCM which type of modulation?
14. Explain digital modulation?

Circuit Theory:
1. Define KVL & KCL?
2. Define capacitors?
3. Give eqn of charge capacitors?
4. What is Q? Define?
5. Define Impedance?
6. What reactance?
7. Explain registance?
8. How to match that impedace in ur circuits?
9. One circuit is given-Find out output impedance?

**some Question missing**
The writtern exam Questions sent very soon?..
If cleared technical u got placed in HCL.

******ALL THE BEST*******

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