Company: HCL Technologies

HCL Technologies Placement Paper

We got HCL in our college on July 5th. I’ve got placed in it. We didn’t have technical. We had only apps.

Apps was very tough. It was based on CAT pattern. So i Advice you to go through the cat based English and maths. Some of the problems which i remember is given six squares and filling prime nos 2,3,5,7,11,13, and asking there positions. Apart from that there were questions based on data interpretation.

A puzzle as six people are living in six cities riding each riding a diff type of vehicle as car, scooter and 2 persons living in city a will not ride a car and such.

apart from this we had questions on as 4 numbers (2 odd and 2 even) are multiplied with 2 even then what is diff bw odd and even.
given a triangle where there are 5 angles with a small triangle on 1 side of larger triangle Ans:36 deg as (36*5=180)

Another question based on when a appears either b or c appears which is often a repeated question. That is all i remeber friends.

Then we had HR interview where they asked questions like
1)who is your role model?
2)why do you wnat to join hcl?
3)why does hcl needs to recruit u?
4)are you prepared for relocation?
5)Tell me about yourself?
6)what are u xtra curricular activites?
7)do you have any questions?
Answered with a very cheerful face. Be confident and bold.That’s all and u have made yourself

HCL Technologies Placement Paper

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