Company: HCL Technologies

Hello friends

I attended the HCL Technologies’ test conducted by the SHREDSKERALA at Alwaye UC college. Earlier I had attended the siemens test and didn’t qualify for interview.
HCL test contains following categories.
1) C 20 questions
2) C++ 20 questions
3)General computer awareness 10questions
4)SQL 10 questions
5)Aptitude 20 questions

There was no -ve Marking . For non computer stream students the test is a hurdle. Prepare C && C++ very well . Go through SQL bascis it will help.For aptitude refer Quantitative aptitude by RS Aggarwal.

I am an ECE student and found technical stuff in the paper quite tough. I attempted Aptitude part first and then language part.I made some calculated risks and it paid off.
I was short listed along with about 300 others.
The interview was scheduled for following day at hotel Avenue Regent .

The technical interview panel consisted of a pleasant looking guy.He took me to his room and introduced himself.
tell me about yourselves
-ves and +ves
favourite subjects
draw D-flip flop
conversion D to SR
race our conditon
Master slave Flip flop
transistor basics
c program fibonacci series
Difference b/w micro processor & micro controller
interuppt and its handling
memory iinterfacing in mu p
data structure stack,que
Sql ,procedures
networking, OS,
inheritance, polymorphism
cache memory,
this pointer etc

HR was cool
sane stuffs
intro ,
why HCl,
plan to higher studies
after hr around 100 studnts were selected hope this will help you to reach hcl.


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