HCL Technologies Placement Paper

Company: HCL Technologies

1) general apti test
2) technical paper (asked in Computer Networks
, Unix and C)
and a harware technical paper for those who are interested in that. I wrote only for software test..

those who r shortlisted in aptitude test are called for the interview on the next day.

Technical Interview:
only one interviewer in the panel.. I m an ECE student and my area of interest in microprocessor 8085. so following questions are asked for me..
1) introduce yourself
2) tell me about your projects done so far
3) what s a pointer and write a program to print the address of that variable.
4) how to access a pointer using structure and write a program using that
5) what s the difference between structure and union
6) write a program using union
7) what are the advantages of pointer
8) whats a static variable
9) what s a micro controller and the difference between microprocessor and microcontroller
10)tell me the major advantages of microcontroller compared to microprocessor

HR Interview:
female HR came to our panel.. she asked the questions so fastly and didnt wait to answer the questions fully. I didnt expect that she ll ask technical questions in HR interview.. so BE READY FOR ANYTHING

she gave a C program and asked the output, then asked whats a pointer
1) what s ur aspiration?
2) why HCL and wat do u know about HCL?
3) about family background…

then within 30 minutes they announced the result.. I m selected in HCL finally..

HCL Technologies Placement Paper

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