HCL Technologies Placement Paper

Company: HCL Technologies

SANKAR here from St.Joseph’s Coll of Engg…. HCL came to our coll for campus recrutmnt on 9th July.

HCL consists of 2 round
· General aptitude. + Technical.
· H.R round.

First to aptitude…
It seems HCL changes pattern for every coll.. as they wish, For us it was a Online test….80 general questions 60 mins

Its very easy any student can crack it….it consisted of 4 sections

Each 15mins….its not verbal n not quants its some thing different…!

Consisted of Data interpretation, match the correct grammar n match the correct. Data interpretation was very easy it is not maths. Grammar its generally making spelling, commas, corrections in the given test. Its generally Eye checking test….u will have to find small mistakes in it….u will have to c every word n sentence properly….

Eg:- consultant, consultant, consultant etc…

Like this only it will b very easy….

Match the correct….
2 statements will b given u have to check weather both matches r not….its too very easy….
Eg:- [email protected]
[email protected].

Any one with good eye sight can crack this easily…only one is every thing would look similar u identify the wrong one…!

About Online test first thing is tat u have to ans the question tat comes on the screen if u skip it u cannot b able to go back n review the questns once answered is answered u cannot change it when u go from that page…n in 4 sections they will a lot 15mins for 20 questns..do as much fast as u can….

Its fully “C”
It’s the toughest part in the test… Any one with good basic knowledge can crack it…. Be through in all the concepts…espl Structures, Pointers, Expressions

You would have to correct the error in the given code….like What will u do to correct this linking error..runtime error..etc. So well prepare in c concepts….!! In my college, 350+ wrote the exam n 148 cleared it….! They announced the result 3hrs later…at 6.30pm.

H.R round:
This is a rejection round u shod b very careful in attending this for me my H.R was so sweet…..

So I was able to speak properly they generally check ur communication skills n confidence the way u behave they could judge u frm the way u sit b4 them….!!! So don’t be arrogant don’t argue with him don’t contradict Wat they say….be polite tats enough.

I attended the interview at 9.30pm they announced the result 2 days l8r only….only 45 were selected out of 148. Thank god, I am one among them.

HCL Technologies Placement Paper

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