HCL Technologies Placement Paper

Company: HCL Technologies

We wer called by the HCL Technologies for recuritment in their office only. The written papre consisted of 2 sections
2-branch specific.

Apti paper was damn easy.thr wer 60 questions to b done in 55 minutes. no special practice reqired 4 ths.
Kep ur eyes open mind alert and chck on the time.thts it

Some of the questions wer:-
1 if a+b means a is son of b and a-b means a is daughter of b and a*b means a is wife of b thn p+q-r*t. wat is the relation between p&t?

2 English Rc.very easy one.4 passeges having 10 questions.

3 flow chart questions.thr wer 6 questions on flow chart.

4 pie chart question.Tht is the di section.u dnt even need to use ur pencil 4 solvin it

5 some technical questions like how s virtual memory implemnted-demand paging

1) question was on article whose option wer a,a & a,the &the,a & the,the.the answer was the, the two meaning question wer thr whose answer wer mass killing and formal statement.
Analogy question wer thr like:-
(analogy:bmbkpfz) and 4 option wer given the relations 4 analogies wer quite simple as u can see.
Number series wer given like 122433566412864278 and question wer asked like hw many consecutive even number pairs
Are thr whose sum is a single digit ie >= 9;
All the question wer easy.jst keep the chk on the time

Technical Test
The second test was branch specific. each 4 computer, it and of vlsi 4 electronics students if thy want to be vlsi specialsts.
Mine was computer test. it was a little bit tricky bt surely not difficult.
Thr wer 25 questions to b done in 20 minutes
Questions wer on C and C++ only. some of the questions i could recall wer
wat s the position of partition item in quick sort ansis statrtin(first)
The new malloc calloc allocate memory 4m heap
One question was on virtual base class in c++.type of error was asked bt thr was no error
One question on 2d array.
Some questions on C programs.one was insertion sort
One on binary search tree
On question on the preorder sequencing of b tree.ie 1st visit root thn visit left subtree in preorder
Again u need to keep a chk on time here also.

Thn finally thr was HR round
Same questions wer asked 4m each student and those wer vry vry general.
The questions wer 1-tell about urself 2-about family 3-why hcl? 4-academics trend i.e if ur % is decreasing thn why is it so
and if its increasing thn will u b able keep it like tht?

It dint last 4 mre thn 10 minutes.

(Paper Submitted By : Priya)

HCL Technologies Placement Paper

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