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1) which of the following is not a file type under unix
a]named pipe b]character special c]link d]symbolic link

2)which of the following information about a regular file is
not contained in a unix disk inode?
a]the directory it belongs it to
b]the size of the file
c]the number of links
d]the last modification time

3)which of the following is a system call under unix
a]fopen[] b]gets[] c]getpid[] d]fprintf[]

4)which unix system call should be used to get a signal after a
specified amount of time
a]pause() b]alarm() c]stime() d]wait()

5)which of the following about the fork() system call is false in unix
a)fork[]returns the child’s pid to the parent
b)fork[]returns -1 when it fails
c)fork[]returns zero to the child
d)fork[]returns the parent’s pid to the child

6)which of the following cannot return a file descriptor in unix?
a]open[] b]create[] c]link[] d]dup[]

7)which of the following system call is used to change the ownership
of a file to root in unix?
a] chmod[] b] chgrp[] c]chroot d]chown[]

8)which is not a process state in Unix?
a)zombie b]sleep c]run d]closed

9)which of the following is not a IPC mechanism in UNIX?
a)named pipe b)unnamed pipe c)shared library d)message queues

10)which signal cannot be traped by an application in UNIX

11)DLLs in windows are
a)used for linking b]static libraries c]shared libraries
d]used for communication.

12)Windows enhanced mode requires
a)80286 or above
b)80386 or above
c)8086 or above
d)80486 or above

13)TSRs can be accessed through
a]software interrupt b]hardware interrupt
c]farcells d]all of the above

14) the SET command of DOS
a)assigns MSDOS environment variables
b)allocates memory in environment
c)sets upper memory limit
d)none of these

15)XXX.SYS file loaded through CONFIG.SYS file is a
a]DOS system boot file b]installable device driver
c]DOS executable d]configuration file.

16)In windows the clipboard is used for
a]sharing data between applications
b]drawing and painitng
c]desktop publishing
d]none of the above.

17)The symbol used for redirecting output to another
program in DOS
a]’>’ b]’<' c]'|' d]none of the above 18)the basic DOS interupt vector a]0x21 b]0x10 c]0x13 d]0x09 19)the essential property required by an operating system to be a real-time operating system is a]time sharing b] fair scheduling c] preemptable d]re-entrant 20)for a given machine with only 3 physical pages,and page replacement algorithm being LRU (least recently used),find the number of page faults that will occur for the following of virtual page references(assume that no page present in memory to begin with : 1,2,3,2,5,3,2,4,2,1,5. a] 7 b] 8 c] 9 d] none of these.