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1 Which operator is used in referencing the member of structure?
a) .
b) ,
c) /
d) *
Ans (.)

2 Which of the following statements are true about structure?
a) different data types can be the member data
b) value can be assigned to the structure by =
d) All of the above
Ans All of the above

3 Which of the following is the structured programming language?
a) Cobol
b) Java
Ans Java

4) Which of the following is not the database?
a) Oracle
b) Sybase
c) SqlServer
d) J2EE
Ans J2EE

5) If u increment the pointer to an array what will happen?
Ans It will point to the next member

6) Which of the following is an operating system?
Ans Linux
6) Why do we declare function prototype?
a) code become more readable.
b) Compiler comes to know that function is declared later
d) All of the above
Ans the most appropriate answer is b but check if c also matches then the answer is d

7) Data normalization is used for
Ans To reduce update problem

8) Which of the following is the internet communication protocol?

9) What does indexing help in?
a) data sorting
Ans All of the above

10) Which type of operating system unix is?
a) Multiuser
b) Single user
c) Multiuser,Timesharing
d) Multitasking,Timesharing,Multiuser
Ans d
There were 25 very simple questions but this is all we remember
There are two communities in an island A and B.They can ask only questions which can be answered
only with yes or no. A ask question whose correct answer is Yes and B ask questions whose correct
answer is NO

1. Mr Y asks his wife “Are we of same type of B”? Two questions were there,tell the type of mr. Y
and his wife

3. A ask B “are we of different type”

4. A man ask “Am I of A type?”.What type is he?
One more questions based on the above condition
5. there r five cars and 6 people. various condn r given andthen u have to answer the questions based on
thm…there were around 5 questions based on this .
9. There were very tough series
4 5 8
525 ? 27
10. 160,80,120…1005,4775,2377.5
11. one more series
12. A beats B by 50m in a race of 500m ,then B beats by C by 25m in a race of 500m.Find the
distance by which A beats C in a race of 400?
Ans 58
13. Similar question on race
14. A word consists of 5 different alphabets starting with A and ending with B ,it has 3 consotant
and 2 vowels.What number of different type of words can be possible. Ans 2304 OR,9120
15. Four questions based on Grammar.they r very easy.
16. Four questions based on Analogies.And they too r very of them is :
intelligentsia: elitist…..ans: gentry:public