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1) In a murder case there are four suspects P,Q,R,S.
Each of them
makes a statement. They are
p: “I had gone to the theatre with S at the time of
the murder”.
q: “I was playing cards with P at the time of the
r: “Q didn’t commit the murder”.
s: “R is not the murderer”.
Assuming the only one of the above statement is false
and that one of
them is the murderer, who is the murderer?
a) P
b) Q
c) R
d) Cann’t be concluded
e) S
and: E.) r and s are true as first two statements are contradictory. thus either P or S is murederer. as
q is not murderer, he is tellinjg truth that P was with him. hence S is murderer.
2) Mohan earned twice as much as Deep. Yogesh earned
rs.3/- more than
half as much as deep. If the amounts earned by
are M,D,Y respectively, Which of the following is the
correct ordering
of these amounts?
a) M < D < Y b) M < Y < D c) D < M < Y d) It cann't be determined from the information given e) D < Y < M ans d) 03) Statistics indicate that men drivers are involved in more accidents than women drivers. Hence it may be concluded that... a) sufficiently information is not there to conclude anything b) Men are actually better drivers but drive more frequently c) Women Certainly drive more cautiously than Men d) Men chauvinists are wrong about women's abilties. e) Statistics sometimes present a wrong picture of things 04) What does the hex number E78 correspond to in radix 7 ? a) 12455 b) 14153 c) 14256 d) 13541 e) 13112 ans:d 5)Given that A,B,C,D,E each represent one of the digits between 1 and 9 and that the following multiplication holds: ABCDE X4 -------------- EDCBA -------------- what digit does E represent ? a) 4 b) 6 c) 8 d) 7 Ans: c 6) HCL prototyping machine can make 10 copies every 4 seconds. At this rate, How many copies can the machine make in 6 min.? a) 900 b) 600 c) 360 d) 240 e) 150 ans: a 7) if a=2,b=4,c=5 then a+b c ----- - ---- = c a+b a) 1 b) 11/30 c) 0 d) -11/30 e) -1 ans: b 8) 10^2(10^8+10^8) = -------------- 10^4 a) 2(10)^4 b) 2(10)^6 c) 10^8 d) 2(10)^8 e) 10^10 ans: b 9) Worker W produces n units in 5 hours. Workers V and W, workers independently but at the same time, produce n units in 2 hours. how long would it take V alone to produce n units? a) 1 hr 26 min b) 1 hr 53 min c) 2 hr 30 min d) 3 hr 30 min e) 3 hr 20 min ans: d (e) 10) if q <> 0 and k = qr/2 -s, then what is r in terms
of k,q,s?
a) 2k+s
b) 2sk
c) 2(k-s)
d) 2k+sq
e) 2(k+s)
ans: e
11-15 is the reasoning Questions:
Occurs and Causes available in
Six knights – P,Q,R,S,T and U – assemble for a long
journey in two
travelling parties. For security, each travelling
party consists
of at least two knights. The two parties travel by
separate routes,
northern and southern. After one month, the routes of
the northern
and southern groups converge for a brief time and at
that point the
knights can, if they wish, rearrange their travelling
parties before
continuing, again in two parties along separate
northern and southern
routes. Throughout the entire trip, the composition of
parties must be in accord with the following
P and R are deadly enemies and, although they may meet
can never travel together.
p must travel in the same party with s
Q cann’t travel by the southern route
U cann’t change routes
16) If one of the two parties of knights consists of P
and U and
two other knights and travels by the southern route,
the other members
of this party besides P and U must be
a) Q and S
b) Q and T
c) R and S
d) R and T
e) S and T
ans: e
17) If each of the two parties of knights consists of
exactly three members, which of the following is not a possible
travelling party and route?
a) P,S,U by the northern route
b) P,S,T by the northern route
c) P,S,T by the southern route
d) P,S,U by the southern route
e) Q,R,T by the southern route
ans: b
18) If one of the two parties of knights consists of U
and two other knights and travels by the northern route, the other memnbers of this party besides U must be
a) P and S
b) P and T
c) Q and R
d) Q and T
e) R and T
ans: c
19) If each of the two parties of knights consists of exactly three
members of different pX-Mozilla-Status: 0009by the northern route,
then T must travel by the
a) southern route with P and S
b) southern route with Q and R
c) southern route with R and U
d) northern route with Q and R
e) northern route with R and U
ans: a
20) If, when the two parties of knights encounter one
another after
a month, exactly one knight changes from one
travelling party to the
other travelling party, that knight must be
a) P
b) Q
c) R
d) S
e) T
ans: e
2.two nos when added make 330.when the last digit of the greater no. is
removed Ist no is obtained.find the nos. ans.300,30.
3:which word can be added at the end of one and at the front of the
other to
give meaningful results.
GRASS and SCAPE. Ans:land.
4:a jumbled word is given: the answer is PARACHUTE.
5: at midnight it is raining .do u expect sun after 72 hours.
6:a word is to be added to three given words to give meaningful word
ans is:POST
7: a girl likes 144 but not 145,she likes 900 but not 800….like
will she like:
the ans is 1600.
8: a series of prime nos is given 3,5,7,11>>>find the next no .the ans
9: a no when multiplied with one less than it results into a no that
is 4
lesser than its square. The ans is 4.
10: A question on some midnight problem was given .The choices are
for the present time: 21:00, 22:00,23:00,23:30 etc .
the ans to this problem is 2100 hrs.
11:In this question a square was shown in which there were nine squares
in each square fruits were drawn .
The ans to this question was 25.this is cost of some fruit item.
12: in a company there are salespersons and non salespersons .majority
employees are salespersons.the percentage of commissioned salespersons
is more that the total salespersons ‘ percentage in the company.
Is majority of employees commissioned .something like that…….
The ans is :YES.
13: there was a statement on dogs that can understant just two words:
one was stay and I don’t remember the other one.The breed of the dogs were
sheperd ,regger ,one other starting from r. this question was a tough
one and I do not remember the exact statement.but based on this statement
there were 5 questions.

The ans to 15 th question was C and 17th in the question paper was B.
next question:
A FACTORY produces a product (measured in cubic feet) over seven days
as per
the following schedule:
Day1 Day2 Day3 Day4 Day5 Day6 Day7
150 180 120 250 160 120 150
The finished goods are to be transported to the market by a truck
having a capacity of 2000 cubic feet. Any finished goods (ready at the end of
the day) retained overnight at the factory will incur a storage cost of
rs.5 per cubic foot for each night of storage. The hiring cost for the truck is
rs.1000 per day. 1.If the total cost of transportation and storage is to be minimized,
the truck should operate on
(a) 2nd,4th,6thand 7th days
(b) only the 7th day
(c) 2nd,4th,5th and 7th days
(d) only on 4th and 5th days
(e) none of these
ans:( )
2.if the storage cost reduces to re.0.80per cubic foot per night,the
truck should operate on
(a)2nd,4th,5thand 7th days
(b)only the 7th day
(c)2nd,4th,5th and 7th days
(d)only on 4th and 5th days
(e)none of these
ans:( )

Direction:Read the following instructions carefully and answer
11-15 given below:
Each question below is followed by two numbered facts. You have to
whether the data given in the statement is sufficient for answering the
question. Choose one of the following choices best fitting the
and mark A,B,C,D or E as explained below.
(A) if statement 1 alone is sufficient to answer the question, but
2 is not sufficient.
(B) If statement 2 alone is sufficient to answer the question, but
statement 1 is not sufficient.
(C) If both statements together are needed to answer the question, but
neither statement alone is sufficient.
(D) If either statement by itself is sufficient to answer the
(E) If enough facts are not available to answer the question.
13. A dress was initially listed at a price that would have given the
a profit of 20 percent of the wholesale cost. What was the wholesale
cost of
the dress?
(1) After reducing the asking price by 10 percent, the dress sold for a
profit of 10 dollars.
(2) The dress sold for 50 dollars.
ans:( )
A company manufactures game sets in brass, ebony(wood), and teak
Each game set consists of the following components: chessmen, checkers,
and a box which opens into a board, a chess layout being on the outside
and backgammon on the inside. The game sets are called # 1, # 2, #3, # 4

and # 5
in the company’s catalog.
In a#1 set, only the chessmen, checkers, and dice are brass.
In a#2 set, only the chessmen and dice are brass.
In a#3 set, only the checkers and box are brass.
In a#4 set, only the box is brass.
In a#5 set, all components are brass.
21. Which of the following components CANNOT both be wooden in a
single set
(a) Chessmen, dice
(b) Chessmen, box
(c) chessmen, checkers
(d) checkers, dice
(e) checkers, box
ans:( )
22. A set in which, of the chessmen, checkers, and dice, exactly one is
brass, must represent set
(a) # 1
(b) # 2
(c) # 3
(d) # 4
(e) # 5
ans:( )