Company: HCL Technologies

HCL PAPER ON 20th SEPTEMBER 2008 – Interview Pattern

Section 1:
In this section there are mainly questions based on C language like find the errors in the
program and what is the output of the following program.
some question i remember are

1) int i=10;
printf(“%d %d %d”,i++,i++,i–);
there is one or two more question on increment operator

2) Two question on redirection operator(>>)

3) int i=10;
printf (“The value for i is %d”,i);

4) one question on structure and u have to fine the error in the syntax

5) int a=10,b=33;
printf(“%d %d”, a,b);

6) int *a;
int (*b)();
printf(“%d %d”,sizeof(a),sizeof(b);

7) # define SQR(a) (a*a)
void main()
printf(“%d”, SQR(5));
Cool And in another question # define directive is declared in the main() function of the
program and u have to predict the output of the program.?

9) what is the time complexity of bubble sort (Ans: O(n^2))

10) What is the size of the address bus and data bus in 8086?

11) address of IVT in 8086?

Section II:

1) some 6 guys are there A,B,C,D,E,F(say) and u have to adjust in the row. and
some statements are there like A & D can’t be adjacent E,A have one vacant
area in between.. like that and there are 5 questions are based on that?
2) this one is tricky .. there are two groups . one is many brothers can mary one
sister of other group. and second is many sister can mary one brother of other
group and some statements are there like V & U is father of S, X is the only
grandmother of S …like that.. And there are 6 question based on that..
3) and rest of questions are purely aptitude & quant based. like there are two
questions on coding if MYSORE is code like MEMEME then how TAMILNADU is
Paper Type : General – Interview
35 Aps question
20 Technical questions
Aps was almost logical and one or two sums on quants. (Prepare logical deduction, blood
relation, seating arrangements, pbs on ages, percentage, time and work, time and
Technical was based on C, C++, and some questions on networks, os, and ds.
Had section wise cut off and negative marking…
Why HCL?
Questions on my area of interest.
Difference bet TCP/UDP—and which is better?
Whether tcp/udp is reliable?
Asked to choose any one like C, C++, Java. I said C++ So,
Num>>2(num value given and asked the o/p)
A prog and its o/p.
What is port..
Where we use port..
Inheritance and its types
If extern is used within private what will happen.
Types of networks.
Using static, extern keywords many questions were asked..
My technical round was abt half an hour. But I am not selected. So, I couldn’t give u HR