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How many of the integers between 25 and 45 are even?
A) 21 B) 20 C) 11 D) 10 E) 9
If taxi fares were Rs.1.00 for the first 1/5 mile and Rs.0.20 for each 1/5 miles thereafter, the taxi

fare for a 3-mile ride was
A) Rs.1.56 B) Rs.2.40 C) Rs.3.00 D) Rs.3.80 E) Rs.4.20
A computer routine was developed to generate two numbers (X, Y) the first being a random

number between 0 and 100 inclusive, and the second being less than or equal to the square root
of the first. Each of the following pairs satisfies the routine EXCEPT
A) (99.10) B) (85.9) C) (50.7) D) (1.1) E) (1.0)
A warehouse had a square floor with are 10,000 sq. metres. A rectangular addition was built

along one entire side of the warehouse that increased the floor by one-half as much as the
original floor. How many metres did the addition extend beyond the original building?
A) 10 B) 20 C) 50 D) 200 E) 500
A digital wristwatch was set accurately at 8.30 a.m. and then lost 2 seconds every 5 minutes.

What time was indicated on the watch at 6.30 p.m. of the same day if the watch operated
continuously that time?
A) 5:56 B) 5:58 C) 6.00 D) 6:23 E) 6:20
A 5 litre jug contains 4 litres of a saltwater solution that is 15 percent salt. If 1.5 litres of the

solution spilts out of jug, and the jug is then filled to capacity with water, approximately what
percent of the resulting solution in the jug is salt?
A).5% B) 9.5% C) 10.5% D) 12% E) 15%
A plane travelled K miles in the first 96 minutes of flight time. If it completed the remaining

300 miles of the trip in 1 minute, what was its average speed in miles per hour for the entire
1. Given the following statement enum day = { jan = 1 ,feb=4, april, may} What is the value of

(a) 4
(b) 5
(c) 6
(d) 11
(e) None of the above
Find the output for the following C program

int x,j,k;
printf(“%d”, x);
Find the output for the following C program

fn f(x)
if(x<=0) return; else f(x-1)+x; } Find the output for the following C program • i=20,k=0; for(j=1;j9 && Y++!=10 && Y++>10)
printf(“%d”, Y);
printf(“%d”, Y);
Ans. 13
Find the output for the following C program f=(x>y)?x:y

a) f points to max of x and y
b) f points to min of x and y
c) error
Ans. (a)
What is the sizeof(long int)

(a) 4 bytes
(b) 2 bytes
(c) compiler dependent
(d) 8 bytes10. Which of the function operator cannot be over loaded
(a) <= (b) ?: (c) = (d) Find the output for the following C program • main() { intx=2,y=6,z=6; x=y=z; printf(%d",x) }