Company: HCL Technologies

conducted 2 rounds.

1. Online written test
2. Technical & HR interview

First conducted online test which consist of four section

1. Quantitative aptitude ( 25 questions-35 mins)
2. Reasoning (24 questions-35 mins)
3. General english (20questions-25 mins)
4. Basic of C, C++ and DSA(25 questions -35 mins)

First and second section was standard, if it was not very easy then no one could call it tough.

1. Quantative aptitude are generally from R.S. Aggrawal, from section like probability, permutation & combination, logarithm, time and work, surd & indices, problem on ages, problem on train, percentage etc.

2. Reasoning was also from R.S. Aggrawal, from section like blood relation, arrangement, rank, completion of series etc.

3. In my opinion english was most tough among all section. For this refer GRE by BARON

4. Basic C, C++ and DSA was in this section which was very easy.

There was no negative marking but there was sectional cutoff. 440 student appeared for round 1 and 113 were selected for round 2. with the grace of god my name was there.

In 2nd round there was one to one interview, HR of HCL are very friendly and helping. They asked question like

1. Tell me about yourself

2. Why HCL

3. Why HCL recruit you

4. About your project

5. Some technical for area of interest

6. About your family.

My interview finished at 2:00 clock, but i was waiting for result till 7:00, finally result was announced, final list contains 85 name and luckly my name was there.