Company: NEC HCL System Technologies Ltd

HCL SYSTEM SOFTWARE PAPER: 60 qs; 90 min. (4 sections)

Section A

1.which of the following involves context switch,
a) system call b)priviliged instruction c)floating poitnt exception d)all the above e)none of the above
ans: a

2.In OSI, terminal emulation is done in
a)semion b)appl.. c)presenta d)transport
ans: b

3……… 25MHz processor , what is the time taken by the instruction which needs 3 clock cycles,
a)120 nano secs b)120 micro secs c)75 nano secs d)75 micro secs

4. For 1 MBmemory no of address lines required,
a)11 b)16 c)22 d) 24
ans: 16

5. Semafore is used for
a) synchronization b0 dead-lock avoidence c)box d) none
ans : a

6. class c: public A, public B
a) 2 member in class A,B shouldnot have same name b) 2 member in class A,C ” ” ” ” c) both d) none
ans : a

7. question related to java

8. OLE is used in
a)inter connection in unix b)interconnection in WINDOWS c)interconnection in WINDOWS NT

9.No given in HEX —- write it in OCTAL

10.macros and function are related in what aspect?
a)recursion b)varying no of arguments c)hypochecking d)type declaration

11.preproconia.. does not do one of the following
a)macro …… b)conditional compliclation c)in type checking d)including load file
ans: c


1.enum day = { jan = 1 ,feb=4, april, may} what is the value of may?
a)4 b)5 c)6 d)11 e)none of the above

2.main { int x,j,k; j=k=6;x=2;
ans x=1 x=j*k; printf(“%d”, x);

3. fn f(x) { if(x<=0) return; ans fn(5) ….? else f(x-1)+x; } 4. i=20,k=0; for(j=1;j9 && Y++!=10 && Y++>10) printf(“…….. Y); else printf(“”…. )
ans : 13

8. f=(x>y)?x:y
a) f points to max of x and y b) f points to min of x and y c)error d) ……..

ans : a

9. if x is even, then (x%2)=0 x &1 !=1 > x! ( some stuff is there)
a)only two are correct b) three are correct c), d) ….

ans : all are correct

10. which of the function operator cannot be over loaded
a) <= b)?: c)== d)* ans: b and d SECTION.C (PRG SKILLS) (1) STRUCT DOUBLELIST { DOUBLE CLINKED INT DET; LIST VOID STRUCT PREVIOUS; BE GIVEN AND A PROCEDURE TO DELETE STRUCT NEW; AN ELEMENT WILL BE GIVEN } DELETE(STRUCT NODE) { NODE-PREV-NEXT NODE-NEXT; NODE-NEXT-PREV NODE-PREV; IF(NODE==HEAD) NODE } IN WHAT CASE THE PREV WAS (A) ALL CASES (B) IT DOES NOT WORK FOR LAST ELEMENT (C) IT DOES NOT WORK FOR—– (2) SIMILAR TYPE QUESTION ANS: ALL DON’T WORK FOR NON NULL VALUE (3) VOID FUNCTION(INT KK) { KK+=20; } VOID FUNCTION (INT K) INT MM,N=&M KN = K KN+-=10; } SECTION D (1) a=2,b=3,c=6 c/(a+b)-(a+b)/c=? (2) no.rep in hexadecimal, write it in radiv 7 (3) A B C D E * 4 ———- find E ANS: 13 E D C B A ———— (4) GRE-MODEL TEST-1, SECTION-6(19-22) (5) M HAS DOUBLE AMOUNT AS D, Y HAS RS. 3 MORE THAN HALF OF AMOUNT OF D THE ORDERING A,B,C M C D C Y ANS:DATA INSUFFICIENT D C M C Y (6)IN STASTIC MEN CAUSE MORE ACCIDENTS THEN ONE CONCLUSION (A) MEN DRIVE MORE THAN ONCE (B) STASTICS GIVE WRONG INFORMATION (C) WOMEN ARE CAUTION THAN ME ANS; C(VERIFY) (D)—–ETC (7) P,Q,R,S,T,U -SECURING GRANT;TWO TOURIST PARTIES AND THEN TWO SECURITY GAURDS SHOULD GO WITH EACH PARTY P AND R-ARE ENEMIES, Q DOES NOT GO SOUTH P&S-ARE WILLING TO BE TOGETHER THE TWO PARTIES MAY GO SOUTH&NORTH RESPECTIVELY AT ONE POINT EACH MAY PASS EACH OTHER THEN GAURDS CAN EXCHANGE 6 Q BASED ON THIS (8)pq-r/s =2 what is q inference a,n&d (a) a can do n units of work in strs,a&b can do n units of work in 2 hrs in how many hrs n units of work ans:3 hr 30 min p = (2s+r)/q ____________ main() { int var=25,varp; varp=&var; varp p = 10; fnc(varp) printf(“%d%d,var,varp); } (a) 20,55(b) 35,35(c) 25,25(d)55,55 [ c++,c,dbms interview] [fundamentals] application -software part-1: 28-questions (5)ingless ans:RDMS (1)bit program-ans d (2)c ans (3)+ 0 ans (4)00p–ans linking (5)—— (6)——- (9)25–45 even no. ans–10 (10) 10 <100 —ans=n+9 three. I have answers for Q/A paper. For Q/C you should try for answers. IIT Roorkee 1.8 65 …. The logic behind this question was that the sum of the digits were 8 11 14 17 20 .. the anwer was the number that contained 23 as the sum check for the number. 2.(x-a)(x-b)(x-c)…..(x-z)=? ans. none of these 3.unscramble the word.. the word is parachute a four letterd word before the following words code,box,haste,….. 5.(be)2=mpb ans…m=3 6.a figure was given find the number of four sided figure ans.25(check) 7.2 questions were on passage…u would be asked to order them to make out was of lizard another was regarding the russian politics. 8.repeated question…….(truck) data would be provided… check out in the papers of the previous years papers(3 questions on these) 9. XRT computers…passage.. that was very simple u can easily do that.(3 questions). 10.3 ladies 2 men 4 children 3 sections in hall……(passage) (3 questions) u can easily do this as well 12. two questions on data sufficiency. 1.find out the whole sale price a.a discount of 10%was given to get the profit of 10%. b.the selling price was 50 dollars 2. commissioned employee………(i don’t remember that exactly).