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section 1.

1.which of the following involves context switch,
a) system call b)priviliged instruction
c)floating poitnt exception
d)all the above
e)none of the above
ans: a

2.In OSI, terminal emulation is done in
a)semion b)appl.. c)presenta… d)transport
ans: b

3……. 25MHz processor , what is the time taken by the instruction which needs 3 clock cycles,
a)120 nano secs b)120 micro secs
c)75 nano secs d)75 micro secs

4. For 1 MBmemory no of address lines required,
a)11 b)16 c)22 d) 24
ans: 16

5. Semafore is used for
a) synchronization b0 dead-lock avoidence
c)box d) none
ans : a

6. class c: public A, public B

a) 2 member in class A,B shouldnot have same name
b) 2 member in class A,C ” ” ” ”
c) both
d) none

ans : a

7. question related to java

8. OLE is used in

a)inter connection in unix
b)interconnection in WINDOWS
c)interconnection in WINDOWS NT

9.No given in HEX —- write it in OCTAL

10.macros and function are related in what aspect?
a)recursion b)varying no of arguments
c)hypochecking d)type declaration

11.preproconia.. does not do one of the following
a)macro …… b)conditional compliclation
c)in type checking d)including load file

ans: c


1.enum day = { jan = 1 ,feb=4, april, may}
what is the value of may?
a)4 b)5 c)6 d)11
e)none of the above

int x,j,k;
j=k=6;x=2; ans x=1
printf(“%d”, x);

3. fn f(x)

{ if(x9 && Y++!=10 && Y++>10)
printf(“…….. Y);
else printf(“”…. )

ans : 13

8. f=(x>y)?x:y
a) f points to max of x and y
b) f points to min of x and y
d) ……..

ans : a

9. if x is even, then

x &1 !=1
x! ( some stuff is there)

a)only two are correct
b) three are correct
c), d) ….

ans : all are correct

10. which of the function operator cannot be over loaded

a) 10