HCL Technologies Placement Paper

Company: HCL Technologies

1. Which of the following involves context switch,
(a) system call
(b) privileged instruction
(c) floating point exception
(d) all the above
(e) none of the above

2. In OST, terminal emulation is done in
(a) sessions layer
(b) application layer
(c) presentation layer
(d) transport layer

3. For 1 MB memory, the number of address lines required,
(d) 24

4. Semaphore is used for
(a) synchronization
(b) dead-lock avoidance
(c) box
(d) none
5. Piggy backing is a technique for a) Flow control b) sequence c) Acknowledgment d) retransmition

6. the operating system (mapping of virtual to physical address)
7 A 177333(conversion of HEX “0xFEDB”in octal)

8 In signed magnitude notation what is the minimum value that can be represented with 8 bits

(a) -128
(b) -255
(c) -127
(d) 0

HCL Technologies Placement Paper

About HCL Technologies

HCL Technologies is an Indian multinational information technology services and consulting company, headquartered in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India. It is a subsidiary of HCL Enterprise…visit offical website of HCL Technologies for more details.

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