Company: HCL Technologies

Hi, This is hemant here… HCL TECH. visited our college campus on 12th feb ’07 and conducted written test based on apti &
technical questions…There were two papers :
Apti Consisting of 35 questions and technical consisiting of 20 questions.. Most of the questions in technical paper were repeated.
Some of the topics related are (for technical): little endian, c, DBMS, bankers algo, physical & logical addresses, segmentation,
Aptitude paper was also not much tough. After clearing the written part they conducted first technical interview and then Hr
interview. In technical interview they asked my cv and asked me to introduce myself. Then he asked me to sing a song as singing
was one of my hobbies. As I’m passionate abt railways he shot few questions based on railways too.. Then he asked me to name
my strong subject. I told C. Then he asked me inheritance & its types, virtual classes, dynamic allocation, linked list, stacks,
unions. Then he asked me few questions from DBMS too eg Difference between relational & hierarichal database, inner & outer
join. He asked me to write a querry.. Then he asked me a puzzle which I couldn’t answer but I gave it a try.. Then he asked me to
write a program for creation of link list.
After that I was selected for the HR round. Then in HR round some questions were asked to me abt railways as it was my
passions. Then some questions were based on my one of the hobbies -> teaching. She asked me no. of my current students,
Subjects taught, Income earned, purpose of taking tutions, etc. Then she asked whether I know abt the 18 months bond or not.
Abt relocation -> whether I’m ready or not. After that she asked me that wat preparations u have done for HCL interview and
paper.. I said for written no preparation while for the interview I read balagurusamy( C ). Then she said ok U r perfect..
So the procedure came to an end here..
I would like to tell u dont lose confidence.U just keep on thinking that they are here for you. For any question at least just give a
try, make full use of ur roughsheet, If u r 90 % sure abt any question just attempt it..Because although they say negative marking is
there but its not done..
Best of Luck to all of u..God Bless U. Hope we’ll meet there at HCL……
Hemant Kumar