Company: HCL Technologies

This is Abhisek from MCKV Institute of Engineering, I am going to share my experience about the HCL Technologies Campusing
procedure which took place in our college on 1st & 2nd March 2007.
It took 2 days for the whole process to end.
The who process is based on …..
1. PPT
2. Aptitude = 35 Apti questions( 1 hr ) + 20 Technical questions ( 15 mins )
3. Technical Interview
4. HR Interview
The reporting time was 9:30am …….. but the flight was late …….. so the mam along with two sirs came after a short delay ……. at
abut 10-30 ……. and the PPT tated around 11. there was a nice video at first, I recognized that was a HCL Anthem
( )video and a bit modified from HCL s website. them mam explained the facts of HCL and 18
month bond, statistics etc.
Try to listen the PPT carefully ……. though its boring, that comes handy in HR. Mam asked me only abut HCL in HR.
The Aptitude part was mainly composed of …
1. Some Puzzles( From RS Agarwal’s Non-verbal and Sakuntala Devi )
2. Some DI problems( very easy if u focus )
3. Some CAT standard passages ( i.e. 2 questions for 1 page long passages )
So My suggestion will be first attempt the DI,then eng, then take rest of time to solve puzzles .
The paper was a bit tough …… but DI and English was much easy though.
The Technical part was a bit easy …… mainly composed of C,C++,OS and mainly pointer based problems. ECE guys may hav
some problems with that.
127 given d exam ……. and 86 cleared d aptitude.
In Technical Interview there was two men, and only two panels …….. I was given in to panel B. I waited the whole day and at
8:30pm they said that remaining part will be taken in next day. So I came back home at around 10:15 and went back college
again d next day morning.
next day another person joined in as Panel C. and again I was waiting ……… After a long waiting …….. in 1:30pm …….. I went to
give the Technical Interview.
me: good after noon sir.
sir: good after noon, please hav ur sit.
me: thanks.
sir: do ya hav a cv wit u?
me: yes sir. ( I handed it over t him )
sir: please fill up d form quickly.
me: ok sir.
( after filling …. I handed it to him )
sir: introduce urself.
me: blah blah. ( tell mainly ur personal and hobbies part here )
sir: u like cars??
( confused )
me: cars?? sir do ya mean 4 wheelers??
sir: yes … .
me: sir every1 likes 2 ride cars …… me too …… but nt very much interested. ( 😛 )
sir: ok temme ur strengths.
me: sir ……. personal or academic?
sir: no no ……. academic ( me a bit surprised ).
me: C.
sir: ok why r u into IT industry?
me: to serve people ….. blah blah.
sir: but why IT? why nt any other?
me: sir …… I mainly like computers …… I could hav chosen CSE …… but I like to server people for which the technology is built.
So I get both in IT. blah blah. ( sir is impressed i think ).
sir: ok lets ask you a few questions.
then he asked me a whole lot of questions.
He strated from size of integers. I told 4 bytes. Sir tried to confuse me. I explained him very clearly dat it is mainly architecture and
then compiler dependend.
Sir agreed but den suddenly jumped to microprocessor architecture and then bus structure.
I explained ( I missed d control bus part though ).
Then sir asked how instruction is executed ……. I tried six times …… but he wasnt satisfied. At last I told him abut bit pattern and
he told dat he was expecting that answer only. then he asked me abut compiler, linker, loder and who controls them (OS). then he
asked me abut some scheduling algorithms and how they are handled.then abut polymorphism, overloading , overriding and OOP
features and their advanteges over C.
Then he told me to write a C Structure with double pointers. I did that easily.
struct abc {
struct abc * x;
struct abc * * y;
struct abc a;
a->y = * (a->x);
that was d sloution.
abut DS he asked only abut BST Algorithms.
then he asked some pointer related problems ……. and theor solutions ……..mostly based on technical apti paper …….. and I did
explained them. But it wasa bit difficult as It takes much time to maniplulate pointer problems. ( I dont remember though now ).
Then he asked me some problems from technical apti paper and asked me to solve them without even seeing d options. I did that.
and abut a C++ problem ……. I stated Sir, I dont know C++, but I know Java. Give them an alternative field to question if you
dont know any specific 1 ).
then sir stated to rate me between 1 to 5. I said 4. Sir smiled Why not 5, why only 4?? I told Sir Itwas my 1st interview, so I am a
bit nervous, so I wasunable to give my fullest. Since I gave my 80% so rate myself as 4.
Sir smiled and said u may go now.
I crossed mt fingers ……. and when I was out my friends looking at me starangely. Then I found out I hav given 1 hr 10 min long
technical …… longest in total campusing. oof!! Finally the results came after 1 hr dat I was selected for HR. I felt a bit relieved.
Only 57 was selected for HR amongest 86 given the Technical.
The HR interview was abut 20 mins long and a very simple 1.
there was 1 mam …….. she was watching my cv ( They keep CV, apti paper, rough sheet, rough sheet from Technical all stapled
togather )
Mam asked me abut my family background. I mentioned my father is in Software Industry.( she quickly noted that ). then where I
firsted heard abut HCL. I told her that from a student of my father when I was in class 8.
then asked me only abut where HCL can take new steps in IT industry. ( I told camputerization of Govt Works …….. which
brings HCL Reputation, fame and honour ). Then told abut e-Learning in schools & colleges ……. banking …. power quality
regulation etc etc. ( Mam was very impressed abut e-Learning and Govt. Services ). Then mam asked me abut my hobbies. I
mentioned swimming. Mam asked why dont ya took dat as ur profession?? . I replied I like swimming … I even know how to
rescue some1, but I dont take it profesionaly as it is my HOBBY. [:D] mam enjoyed dat part and was smiling
then she asked me abut higher education. I told I hav no such plans. mam asked since u r family is so highly educated ….. why
dont u? I told mam that If I could hav wished I hav done Bsc MSc and Dr. but i didnt. as a like applcation better than hypothesis
and etc etc. Mam seemed impressed. then mam asked abut reloaction and 18 months bond and etc etc. Mam then said nice to
meet u. I hand shaked with mam and told The pleasure is mine.
and the HR was over.
AT night 9:30pm they declared d results. 35 were selected and I was one of them …..
so happy.
To every1 trying 2 become an HCLite ……. just be confident …….. they mainly check d confidence and then tech
knowledge …….. so dont be afraid ……… just trust urself
……… I am waiting for u to become another HCLite like me …… in HCL [:D]
Best of Luck 2 ever1 reading this ………