Company: HCL Technologies

Aptitude is an online round. There were only 2 rounds for us.
1.Aptitude(2 Apps for IT and CSE)
a. General aptitude(60 que in 50 min)
b. Technical Aptitude(Data Structures,C,OS)[25 que in 20 min]
In General Aptitude there were questions based on the following:
LAT(Learnability Aptitude Test)
1.two on blood realations
2.6 reading comprehension (hint: See the question given below there will be a direct answer. If u are not sure then just click at random mostly b or c.) train problem(i just bypassed it)
4.computing values based on flowcharts(very easy, Be carefull simple decision boxes were given)
5.Using Bar Charts to answer the questions.Easy one.
6.One correct the sentence question was also asked.
Others i couldnt remember, but easy one. Be Quick in answering them.
Technical Aptitude Test(CSE & IT)
1. 5 small logical situations in C
1.—–> int (*ptr)[10] What it means ?
2.—–> Program based on printf arguments…
printf(+7″%c”,”sundaram”); o/p ?
3.——>program with post and pre increment situation
int count=0;
int incre()
return count++;
int arr[10];
4.Two choose the correct option
2.Data Structures:
1.__________ Queue has a overflow problem even if there a few elements present.
2.Two questions about graphs and trees.. simple one.
3.Which sorting is optimum even in worst case..
1. quick 2. Insert 3. Merge 4.8yrs.
4.One simple question related to stack. Others I forgot..
1.questions on sheduling
2.On swapping ___________is used to implement virtual memory.
3.____________is used to allocate contigious memory locations.
4.One on Assembly level programming
5.Semaphores are used for___________
6.Modulation in modem(0,1) to (0,2).
Next Day we attended HR
I was to attend the 13th pannel and it was an lady HR. She asked some general questions no technical and this session moved so friendly.
1. Introduce myself.
2. Some cross questions from the first que..
3. About my specality..
4. She asked the difference b/w school life and coll life.
i said and included that both were same and also included about the rules on talking with girls. She asked me to justify it. I gave an ans as ” depends on the situation and persons”. Think so she was satisfied.
5. Asked about my hobbies. I said playing volley ball on sundays and spent more time in computers in week days.
6.Asked about my strengths and i said it with an incident to add value to that point.
7. Asked me about the lase movie i saw. I said i dont see movies often and she was ok with it .
8.She asked for Higher Studies…please say No..
9.Asked about working abroad. I accepetd it with a big smile and said not only abroad accross any where in india too. She asked me that reason.. I said that i can increase my Linguistic Profeciency and can analyse myself with other state people and can learn more. She was really satisfied with it.
10. About the bond for 18 months and i gave a big hopeful smile for that too.